Things Delta Air Lines should fix and could if they wanted to! Did your pet peeve make my list?

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Got glue? Let’s fix this!

Delta the company, that is the executives, clearly is focused on driving every bit of incremental revenue out of paying passengers – and rightly so! But in the quest to accomplish this and pushing everything to the maximum limit has caused some things to suffer. Some of theses were “paved with good intentions” only to fall back to reality. Let’s look at a rather long list (in no particular order of importance) of things Delta really should fix if they want to keep folks happy and spending on Delta vs. other airlines.

  • Allow Flight Attendants to on-board upgrade elite’s. I really thought the efforts by the Delta CEO to try to end visits from SHENA were going to pay off. I, maybe naively, considered the days of #TeamBoardLast to soon be at an end. Sadly it seems many gate agents simply don’t care to come on-board and upgrade elites (as was suggested in the directive) and many still do not process upgrades until T30 (it should be at T40). The fix for this would be allowing flight attendants to take on the job when a seat is empty in 1st class. Use the GST and see who was #1 on the list and offer them the seat.
  • Comfort+ or C+ visits from lead flight attendant. When C+ rolled out the direction was that the lead FA was to visit C+ as time allowed. I almost never see that happen other than a visit to pick up trash. If Delta is going to market C+ as something more than coach (cuz the seat sure is nothing more than coach) then more attention needs to be focused on C+.
  • Pre-order 1st class meals. Delta reps promised this was on the way YEARS ago now. For crying out loud if AA can do it – Delta can do it. Just make this happen.
  • Open up guaranteed space for Global Upgrade certs. Don’t kid yourself that this is not a choice (by the all powerful REV MGT team). Delta is offering GUs as a perk so if there is an open seat for sale in business class we should be able to use our GU certs to book it. End of story!
  • Gift MQMs not just status for million milers. Most of us should know that if you reach at least 1 Million Miler you are gifted Silver status even if you do not fly. You have no MQD requirement either but it is ONLY the status that is gifted each year. Want Gold, you must fly it all. I would like to see MQMs and MQD credit gifted not just the status. Incentivize me to fly more once my flying days slow down.
  • Bring back more Level 1 award space for Medallion and Amex Reserve card holders. They had this in the past – why not again. Sure it was a super “hush hush” perk but it was real. I am fine with not putting it in print but give us the benefit once again.
  • Allow us to combine vouchers. I am OK if you set a reasonable limit Delta – maybe 3? After all you allow 3 gift cards to be used on one ticket. Maybe make the other vouchers combine on one ticket max 3. (PS on this one, if you ask and push reps they will sometimes let you use 2 on one ticket).
  • SkyMiles award holds for 24 hours. Again, Delta did this in the past. I know we can cancel free of charge and have 24 hours to do so after we ticket but an award hold is simpler and clearer. Hold and if you do not want to ticket it just goes away.
  • Add a buy at this price timer. There are few things as frustrating as going to buy a ticket on and the price jumps when you go to hit buy now. It would not be that hard to lock in the price for say 5 minutes once you start to book and then if you do not finish and the price goes up it is your fault.
  • Fix the Delta / Amex Bogo married segments issue. There can be so many times two legs both show the same fare class to allow you to use your BOGO cert but the Delta CPUs when you combine them kicks it out. Yes, you can call and have it manually done but it is a pain. If both segments have the correct fare class it should simply work!
  • Allow segments to rollover. I know there are so many who earn status on segments. If MQMs can rollover why not segments? I get not allowing MQD spend to rollover but why no segments. I don’t get it.
  • Fix the blocked seat map bug! This one I hear could just maybe be in the works. It is just insane that this bug has been ongoing for months and months now. Someone in Delta IT has to be smart enough to again let us see all the seats open without doing a dummy booking (and fix the Delta reps CPUs at the same time so they too can see the seat maps).

There are my dozen “pet peeves” if you will. All of them are fixable. Heck, other than allowing Diamonds guaranteed GU space, none of them really should cost Delta anything other than the time to fix the issues.

You tell me. Have I missed any glaring issues that drive you crazy that Delta should address or fix? You tell me in the comments below. – René