Extracting Citi Prestige card value before dumping it next year after perk decimation on the way!

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Time to dump this one next year!

I stand by my post last week that “just” the removal of the AA club access from the Citi BANK Prestige card last week was just no big deal (for most of us). However, the MASSIVE destruction of the perks (HT to M2M) that is on the way as of July 27, 2017 changes things:

  • End to AA bonus spend perk
  • End to golf perk
  • Changes to 4th night hotel free
  • End to AA lounge perk (old news).

Clearly, as I have shown you, the 3 rounds of free golf per year cut is one that just guts me. This was a perk like no other card has ever offered that I can recall in my lifetime. This alone made the card a home run to hold year after year. Heck, had they even just offered 1 or two rounds free it would still be an amazing perk and offset most of the card fee. Removing it is all but a death blow for this card for me.

But there is some great news for those of you who were smart enough to get the card before the changes hit last week. First off, bank and credit rules are very specific. They have to honor what you signed up for (yet one more reason NEVER to call to get a new card but to always use a link and do screen shots of an offer). They also have to give you notice of changes. This is especially important when you have paid an annual fee for some card.

So time to extract max value before we dump it before the fee bills again next year. The good news is:

  • 3x golf perk is per “calendar year” so we get it this year and again next
  • $250 airline credit is also per “calendar year” so we get it this year and again next

This means, for me, I am getting $500 back in credits and well over $1,000 (more like ~$1,500) in golf perks all for the one time $450 fee. I also got 50,000 Thank You points that are worth at least $500 on top of that so worst case I got 2k in value for the card for one year. I will be sure to book my next year’s golf rounds and spend my yearly airline credit after 1JAN17 to make sure the credits are posted ASAP.

If you have not yet gone for Global Entry (or as I have shown you, renewed yours) what in the world are you waiting for? The card will pay you back the $100 so do that before the second year fee bills to get that perk as well that includes TSA PreCheck for that one price.

Also understand that w/in days (if not hours) of your canceling the card your Priority Pass membership with 2 guest privilege will go away. This is ONLY active while you are a card member so hold off canceling as long as you can to keep this perk alive.

Lastly, and a DUHHHHH bit of info, be sure to transfer out or cash out in some way all your TY points before you close the card. You earned them so spend them in full.

So is there ANY reason to keep the card anymore? For me, I have better choices now for this high of an annual fee. I already pay $450 for my Delta AMEX Reserve card each year but I really value that and the perks I get plus bonus points. I also pay $450 a year for my non-Delta AMEX Platinum business card and will keep paying that year after year as long as they don’t change the perks with that card. I would have kept paying forever the Citi Prestige card fee if they had just kept the golf perk, but now no more. I will be dumping the card. I do value booking flights with the card due to the fact that delay perks kick in after just 3 hours but I have other cards that are pegged at 6 hours and that works for me under most circumstances.

You tell me – will you dump the Citi Prestige card before the next year’s annual fee hits? – René

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