Two Delta Comfort Plus RUMORS I am working on – One you may like, the other maybe not!

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This vote is clear and I agree with the majority!

The first rumor is from my buddy who often guest posts here on the blog, that is, John @laptoptrael. You see most of us, as you can see from the quick poll above, would rather take the next flight than have the “privilege” of “upgrading” or as I call it Side Grading to a middle seat in Delta Comfort Plus that is the EXACT same size seat as the rest of coach. No way I would ever take a middle C+ seat over any other aisle or window seat I had before. I would rather buy a new ticket on another flight than be subject to this. Not going to happen Delta. Period.

In fact, if you follow the blog at all, you know that due to proven results that Delta C+ upgrades can cause you to miss a real first class upgrade I am opting out more and more of C+ Side Grades and it is resulting in near perfect 100% upgrades and I will keep doing this since I have little confidence in Delta IT to fix the current buggy upgrade system.


What a shock – no one wants these C+ seats!

But there could be a solution in the works. There is an unconfirmed rumor that Delta is working on a way to make it so you can OPT OUT of center seat upgrades beyond the current options to choose window or aisle as a choice in your My Delta preferences. This could be amazing or a destruction of the ridiculous PR marketing that C+ really is any kind of real upgrade after all. Let me explain.

All of us know C+ is nothing special. On the other hand Delta clearly is making a fortune selling these fake upgrade seats as something “Plus”. Once most normal people try them they see they have been bamboozled and get the same seat as the rest of coach, I doubt they will buy it again. We, on the other hand, get that a center C+ is not EVER going to happen. But if Delta allows us to “opt out” of center seat C+ “upgrades” they are in effect agreeing that this SideGrade is not really worth it and not an upgrade. This would not be good for the marketing folks going forward to explain.

My sources say it is not likely to happen (yet) and I would be flat out SHOCKED to see it happen at all ever. Too much money is on the table to admit it is just not an upgrade you (and I) want.


LOL – Really? I don’t see this happening. But…

The next one I just don’t know about and it is at one point hysterical and on the other side ridiculously sad. The rumor is suggesting Delta will add C+ seats to CRJ200s. Oh my. Can you even picture this? In my opinion, the only way this really works is that they make painfully tight and horrid regional seats even less comfortable by moving all the other seats back a tiny bit to give the C+ seats a bit more leg room. I just cannot see this happening. And there is more.

I have already talked about how HOOUs are becoming a less and less real medallion perk. If you put C+ seats on a CRJ200 then it is one more dagger in the heart of the value of a HOOU for a drink if elites can get free drinks in C+ even on a CRJ200.

Anyway, neither of these two rumors have been confirmed by Delta and I have reached out about both of them and will update this post if I hear back from them on either point. Personally I doubt either one will happen. What do you think about either idea? – René

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