Sunday Musing: The things I wish Delta would restore / bring back that they once had!

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OK I guess I don’t miss these so much!

Having flown so many hundreds of thousands of miles with Delta (and just about as many with Northwest) and last year having hit million miler there are a great many things they used to do that I truly miss. Many are things that just are irritating that they no longer offer us as flyers. This weekend I thought I would break down a few of the ones I really wish they would bring back. See what you think.

Combine vouchers (officially). It has been many years now since Delta would allow you to spend a number of smaller vouchers on tickets. Now I know we can, when we really push them, sometimes get them to use two on one ticket but it should not have to be a fight to do what many other airlines simply allow you to do no problem.

Stopovers on awards. This is my one HUGE hot button issue that always drives me crazy. Delta had what some may call a generous stopover rule – that is, you could stop, each way, for up to 11 months as part of your trip. I have had amazing stops in cities along my flight path in the past and miss this perk of SkyMiles. It gave the Delta SkyMiles points program real value that it is today sorely lacking.

Diamonds upgrades D1 domestic flights. There have been so many changes that it is hard to keep up but back in the day, before Delta went no upgrades on many routes, they offered upgrades on some routes to Diamonds only. While not as good as an open upgrade policy it created true value for the top elite status that requires more to qualify than any of the other top airlines in the USA. Bring value back to the Medallion program, Delta from JFK/DCA/SFO/LAX & ATL/MSP to Hawaii!

More award space for elites / Delta AMEX card holders. You may or may not be aware Delta used to, at times, open up additional LEVEL 1 award space for both elites and for Delta AMEX card holders. This was a nice way to reward those most loyal to Delta. I would love to see this return as it motivated me to always fly Delta and pay with my Delta AMEX card each year.

SDC or Same Day Change (paid). You almost need a score sheet to keep up with all the changes SDC has undergone. Right now 1st class and C+ only need ANY open seat in the cabin. Coach has to have the SAME (or lower) fare class open. How about a softening or middle ground. For example, only exclude ultra low fare class like LUTVXE i.e. allow K+ fare class to change free.

Skybonus for sole proprietors. This still bugs me to no end. The must have 5 flying at least once is just dumb. Delta should be promoting those 4AM hard working small business owners who want to fly only Delta and be rewarded for that small business spending EVEN if they don’t have 5 folks working and flying for them. If Delta wants to make Skybonus more exclusive just up the MQD to be part of the program and remove the 5 flying requirement.

Diemiles. OK I am making fun of the “trade mark” because I doubt Delta has trade marked “Delta Diemiles” but they should. Delta in the past had the kindest and most respectable practice of allowing the loyal (now dead) Delta flyer to gift for free those hard earned lifetime of SkyMiles to a spouse etc. Now they are simply gone. Shameful and time to go back to what they once had!

72 hour SkyMiles cancel rule. Weren’t we told this rule was supposed to increase the number of low level awards (yeah, right)? I get there should be a cut off but you know Delta will hold elite upgrades until 40 minutes before departure. So… how about you let us cancel our award up to 40 minutes before departure as well? #JustSaying Delta, if you want it one way we should have the same or better as loyal members.

So there is my list and I think it is a good one. Again, I am not asking for anything new here at all, just to bring back or at least part way bring back so many of the things Delta did well in the past and now does not.

What do you think of my list? Did I miss any I should have included or that Delta really needs to bring back that they once had? Comment below and let us all know! – René