Delta JUMPS Business class LEVEL 1 award to Europe by 12% (140,000 RT) starting 1JAN17 – NO NOTICE (Again)!

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delta new biz prices to europe

Summer Level 1 business class to England one-way

You know just the other day, my 10th and final point in my post about what Delta really needs to do, was to have “better communication about program changes“. And now, with a HT to @laptoptravel for his post, we know Delta has AGAIN (as they always do) made an un-announced jump in business class award prices to Europe starting 1JAN17.

atl to ams biz delta level 1

Summer Level 1 business class to Amsterdam one-way

From Delta metal to all partners it now costs at LEVEL 1 awards at least 70,000 SkyMiles one-way and 140,000 round trip in business class or Delta One. It took YEARS for Delta to jump the price from 100,000 RT to 125,000 RT but many less for this latest jump to 140,000 RT.

coach to europe same level 1 award

Coach to England summer 2017 one-way

I am really sick to my stomach over this change and I am sure some will say with no published award charts they can do what they want, but folks, they did this when they HAD award charts so that has nothing to do with NO NOTICE changes. If there is ANY good news it is coach seats are still 30,000 one-way and 60,000 RT.

coach atl to ams level 1 skymiles award

Coach to Amsterdam summer 2017 one-way

The irony over the fact that Delta’s CEO and the head of SkyMiles Sandeep Dube in the August SkyMiles magazine talked about SkyMiles and Loyalty is not lost on me. I guess they are the ones laughing at us now! I so wish they would give us a year’s notice before devaluing our hard earned points. – René

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