Some musings on Delta outsourcing – worth the price?

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Each time I fly Delta I am impressed and it reminds me why I love my Delta so much. When it counts and when it matters they take care of me.

I really don’t want today’s post to be a gripe fest, but more some musings about those who are NOT part of the Delta team and is it a smart move by Delta. Specifically about Skyclubs.

I am under the assumption, and from what I know, most who work in the Skyclubs are NOT Delta people. Yes, the door people and yes, the customer service people, but the rest of those who run the club are not Delta employees (if I am off base correct me please).

I have found many of the bartenders staffed clubs are pushy when it comes to tips. I have had them CIRCLE the tip box on a slip (the few times I have purchased a premium drink and it is NOT often).

Or take yesterday for example, I went to the self serve snack area in DTW and the rep came over with a cart of drinks and blocked me and I had to wait until she was done loading it full to finish getting my snacks. Then, when cleaning up around the club, the reps were loud and mostly inconsiderate of guests.

Let me tell you Delta, paying $29 for my +1 after 1MAY2014 REALLY is not going to happen with this kind of bad service in the Skyclubs.

Then on to my ExpressJet flight out. In this case the service was TOP NOTCH. Really good, despite a mechanical delay with the bird coming from Mexico. I gave the FA one of my personal Job Well Done certs and she had no idea of what the Chairman’s Club was and my guess is they cannot “Strive for Five” either. They seem very “team Delta” but cannot get rewarded for this.

Anyway, just sharing some personal musings as I continue my “fun run” to Hawaii today – Aloha – René

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  1. They are all contracted now. My wife knows one of the bartenders at DCA from a previous job. She is very friendly and works hard but many do not. Or they will talk to each other behind the bar and act like we are interrupting their day if you ask for a drink. I think Delta should set policy with them on customer service. The Sky Club is not a restaurant.
    At SLC I noticed a person pushing a wheelchair and the next day they were a bartender in the club. Using contractors can be OK but when they give substandard service…
    As for the regionals some have said the Job Well Done certs are great but it gets them nothing. Some say it does help when they send it up the chain of command.

  2. Very good observation. My experience has been same, rude, supercilious bartenders in ATL who acted like it was a huge deal when I didn’t want the bottom of the keg beer (1/2 glass) added to the new keg and this was back when Sweetwater was gratis!

    Cutting out decent liquor and beer, raising admission prices, and contracting out to substandard help seems as if it will drive the Crown Room in the ground. People will pay, but only for a decent product which the Sky Club has not been for several years. If I didn’t have it as free benefit, I would not ever pay a penny for the crap they currently offer.

    DP, isn’t your +2 status good until 2015 as a DM? I thought that DM’s got grandfathered in for the next year plus?

  3. @ECL – yes I personally since I earned my 2014 DM status that ends FEB2015 get one more year but this is more than just about ME! This is about all the Delta Reserve card holders who this will impact 1MAY2014! I will keep fighting this for readers but think there is little hope as Delta seems to be on a patch to upset as many as possible to earn a buck and will keep doing this until it cost them money. Then they will change course!

  4. Why pay $29 for a +1, when they could buy their own pass for $25 as an authorized user on any DL AMEX account or by having their own DL AMEX? I apologize if I’m mistaken or this option has changed/will change.

  5. I’ve always been happy with the FA’s, GA’s, Red Coats and telephone agents. They’ve saved my butt so many time with finding alternate routes and very pleasant. Yes a couple have been rude but very very few.
    My gripes have always been with management and some of decisions they have made.

  6. My weekly commute has me in the Sky Club in LGA on Monday mornings, and usually in the Sky Club in ATL on Mondays in Terminal B. Friday afternoon finds me in the ATL Terminal T Sky Club.

    I have never had anything but excellent, friendly service at the bar.

    I used to get Sky Club access with my Delta Reserve card, now I get it as a DM. I will keep the card though since I typically charge $60,000 so I get the additional 30,000 MQMs.

    I will be 68 next year so I am thinking that it is time to slow down and most of the proposed changes are not really going to affect me.


  7. As far as the skyclubs go, I was upset about the changes too but am no longer. I fly 5 out of 6 weeks and usually connect in ATL. Last Thursday, I went to 3 skyclubs before I was able to find a seat. I arrived at the B terminal and checked out both lounges there. They were packed with people standing around who couldn’t find a seat. I went over to Terminal C where I was departing from and found a seat in the club there. It was still crowded but there was a seat.

    My wife flies with me maybe 4 times a year. I’d happily pay $29 for her to join me 4 times a year and have less crowded clubs literately every week.

  8. I have noticed that some bartenders cop an attitude if I do not order the “luxury” brands.

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