Going to Gothenburg for $600 on Delta? What to see in my home town!

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Lots of readers seem to be getting in on the great deal / mileage fun run to Gothenburg with the crazy fare sale still going strong with TONS of sub $600 coach tickets from LAX.


So I thought I would share some of my tips to enjoy the town. First arrival at the airport. The airport is about 30 minutes outside of town. You can take a taxi in but it will cost you about 450SEK (the Swedish kronor is now about 6.4 to the USD) or $70. There is a bus you can take that is very simple and runs often (every 20 min) and runs just 89SEK each way. There is a kiosk to buy tickets inside the airport by the door.

It takes you to the central train station. From there, you can take a bus or tram or train anywhere in the city. I would get a 24hr pass (or multi day) as it is much simpler. You can buy that right outside the train station in front of the Radisson Blu Scandinavia hotel ( a good use of your Club Carslon points ).

Then what to do and what do see. Here is the Gothenburg tourist site and a good one to look over. They cover a bunch of the top stuff. My list would be:

  • Paddan boat tour – Open boats so make sure you have a coat. Fun way to get an overview of the city. About a 10 min walk from train station.
  • It is also very close to “Haga” or the very old part of town with lots of little shops. To me, not a MUST DO but fun to spend ½ hour if you are over there anyway.
  • If you like museums, they are at the end of the main drag through town Avenyn.
  • If you like castles, one I would go to is Älvsborg Fortress – History, a nice boat ride out, and a fun look at a time when the mean old Danish used to lob a bunch of cannon balls at the Swedes!
  • Liseberg – it’s an amusement park. Fun if you like that sort of thing! It does have a neat “wheel” with a good view. I would not go on a short visit.
  • Shopping.  -From just around the corner from the train station is the north end of Avenyn. About a 30 min walk from end to end with lots of shops and restaurants. The main drag. You will pass Paddan, the opera house and a few museums just off the main drag and the big ones at the end with the giant sculpture with the spitting fish.
  • Also next to the train station is the mall Nordstan or Northcity mall. -It is a mall. Nothing all that exciting and keep in mind most things in Sweden are expensive. There is a 25% sales tax on everything (included in price most times).
  • I am bouncing you around but next to Paddan are more nice shops including one that has lots of cheese and meats and more called Saluhallen (web cam of area). – Outside of it is a bakery that has a mandarin orange cake called a Budapest. Please buy a slice and enjoy the best desert ever!
  • Rent a bike. Styr & Ställ. You will see then all over town. Rent one and drop it off at another spot. Gothenburg is a bike friendly town but be careful as bikers own the road and will run you down if you are in their lane!
  • Like nature? Slottsskogen park is a park right around the corner from where my mom lives. They even have a small zoo in the park. A very nice nature walk.

places to visit in GOT

That is a quick overview of the fun things to see. English is no problem and most Swedes speak better English that you or me. I would avoid renting a car. Parking can be a nightmare and there is just no need. You can take a bus, tram or taxi anywhere you need to go. A card with a chip is nice but not a must unless you are at some automated machines then yes have one.

Food stuff. Try the thin Swedish pancakes. They are to die for. Keep in mind shrimp, crab and such are served COLD and have a salty taste most from the USA are not accustomed to. Fish may be a better choice for you.

That is about it for a quick few day visit to Gothenburg. Bring a coat, bring good walking shoes, enjoy all the city has to offer and the nice people. Questions? Ask away!- René

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  1. Am SO excited for August 25-31 trip to Gothenburg!
    Please Rene suggest hotels or lovely BnB
    Restaurants non touristy places
    We will prob go to Stockholm. Or Oslo or Bergen —– which do you suggest please 🙂

  2. @Nina – I am no expert on hotels and BnBs as I stay with family but maybe readers can help. As to non-touristy spots I will think and comment again. There are so many restaurants that are good. I would look at:
    All three are about a 5 min walk from each other and off the beaten path.
    There is just so much good hard to go wrong. As to Stockholm, go see Vasa, the Royal castle, Skansen for a start. There is a ton more. For example: http://www.timeout.com/stockholm/features/339/20-great-things-to-do-in-stockholm

  3. Clarion Post, Avalon and Gothia Towers are the three hotels we most commonly use here. In the summer, I’m more inclined to the latter two.

  4. I was able to grab this flight from Ft. Myers in April for under $600. Best part is I get a 19 hour layover in Amsterdam on the way home, my favorite European city!

    I will have 1 afternoon/evening to explore Gothenburg. What from your list do you suggest should be prioritized as “must see” during my short time there?

  5. I just got back from two weeks in Norway using a mix of Club Carlson points and AirBNB spots. I would HIGHLY suggest looking to see what you can find on AirBNB. We stayed in some really lovely locations for very reasonable prices and met some great people because of it 🙂 Enjoy!

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