Rookie Wednesday: All the ways to get into the Delta Skyclubs?

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RenesPoints Rookie

Welcome to a weekly feature on the Renés Points blog. Each week this series covers in a “rookie” way either a Delta or travel related theme and attempts to break down to a basic level each topic. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this week’s feature.

rene delta points blog enjoying the skyclub

Today I am flying and I will be making a stop along the way at “the club” that is the Skyclub. And why not? You get good service from Delta reps when you need it. Free well drinks. Some snacks and in the upgraded clubs some good snacks and even free massages. Oh, and decent free WiFi, TV, showers in some clubs – what is not to like? Plus, on a sunny day at ATL or JFK, you can catch some rays and watch the 747’s go by on the SkyDeck! 🙂

But what are all the ways to get into a Skyclub? There are a bunch of ways:

1) Delta AMEX cards. The Delta Reserve card, the high end card, gets you unlimited in-out when flying Delta. The Platinum and Gold Delta cards get you in but for a fee (now $29 per visit).

2) The AMEX Platinum personal card  or  AMEX Platinum business cards both get you in when you are flying on Delta all you want in-out. I think either of these are a great card to have not just for Skyclub access but for all the perks they give!

3) Skyclub membership. If you buy a membership you can come and go all you want no matter what airline you are flying on that day. Also, if you happen to reach Delta’s top elite status or Diamond you get membership for yourself and can come and go as you please called Individual Membership.

4) Day pass. You can buy for $50 a Day pass that is good for a little more than a day if you happen to fly on an itinerary that includes a date change. Just be sure you get the pass back when you check-in if you plan to go to another club along the trip!

5) Fly international business class. When you are flying internationally you can use not just the Skyclubs but the Skyteam clubs along the way and it is free to come and go as you please for you and even one guest not in business class. Same goes the other way if you are on a Skyteam flight coming over to the USA.

6) Fly internationally and be a Gold Medallion or higher. Even on a coach ticket, when you are flying internationally you can use not just the Skyclubs but the Skyteam clubs along the way and it is free to come and go as you please. Same goes the other way if you are on a Skyteam flight coming over to the USA.

7) Mooch off someone with an Executive Membership. They are allowed to bring up to 2 guests into the clubs so you could “lurk” by the door and ask someone if they can guest you in. A little strange maybe but it often works!

8) Alaska Boardroom membership or Virgin Australia/Velocity VIP Platinum card, Platinum card or Gold card member. For now, if you happen to be an Alaska Airline Boardroom member you can get in (as well as two of your guests with you). I have a feeling this may go away one day but we will see. Also Virgin Australia/Velocity VIP Platinum card, Platinum card or Gold card member when flying Delta.

9) The last one is kinda picky. say: “Customers traveling on a nonstop Delta First Class, BusinessElite, or full Y-class ticket between JFK and Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland, Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle, and San Francisco.” This is not a lot of flyers but good to know there is the exception over other Skyclubs and routes.

That is pretty much the full list of how to be able to access a Delta Skyclub when you are flying. As you can see there are a great many ways, it is now just a question of whether the cost of whatever method of entry worth it to you! – René

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  1. Rene’ – you forgot that with the AMEX Plat. you get Priority Pass for free, which gets you into 600 clubs outside the U.S. (and you can bring in guests for $27).

  2. I didn’t know the Gold Medallion if flying international even in coach. Score one for me for an upcoming trip!

  3. I’m not a huge Delta flyer but I wish they would sell a Sky Team Lounge pass (cheaply) that would allow access globally regardless of ticket status.

  4. Rene’, some of the international SkyTeam and SkyClubs are on a contract basis, that is they are not owned by a particular airline. Traveling from Lagos to ATL in Business Class, but my colleague was in Coach although DM Platinum. We attempted to enter the Delta Club in Lagos. I was permitted, but the receptionist would not allow my colleague access since he was a Coach pax. He called DL Platinum line, spoke to the agent who then spoke to the receptionist – problem solved.

    Just be aware that ‘No’ does not always mean “No” when trying to access Clubs internationally.

  5. Hi Rene’,
    I want to make sure I understand the “day pass” (24 hour) part of your post. Specifically, I arrive in SLC Friday evening with a 5 hour layover and depart at 1am arriving in ATL Saturday morning.

    This spans two calendar days but it is within a 24 hour period.

    I have the Delta Gold AMEX but wife and two friends who are travelling on my Delta itinerary do not.

    I was thinking of buying 4 SkyClub day passes off ebay (you can generally buy them for $25 each).

    In ATL we can go to the Admirals Club (my wife and I each have the Citi AAdvantage World Elite card and can bring our guests) — but I would rather watch the 747’s in the ATL SkyClub!


  6. As Rick says lounge access when travelling internationally as a delta skyteam elite plus can be tricky. SEPs should have access to most of the 564 skyteam lounges worldwide, but delta’s website lists only 138 locations for SEP access. And a number of these 138 have been designated as business lounges that will deny access to SEPs starting 5/1/14. These include some pretty common destinations like HND, SIN, IST, DUB, EDI, and BOM where according to delta’s site there are no alternative lounges for SEPs. Also SVO is not even listed on delta’s site. I have tried twice for clarification from delta without success. It seems that delta SEPs may not be getting the skyteam benefits that we should. After 5/1/14 delta SEPs will be getting No a lot more when trying to access international lounges including Lagos.

  7. My husband and I are going to Vegas next month. I used a companion pass from my Delta Platinum Amex. Well, as we all know, you have to take what you can get sometime when you book 8 weeks before travel. We have a 3 hour 21 minute layover in DTW. UGH! I would love to find 2 passes to a skyclub. I may have to look on ebay. I have some United passes if anyone wants to trade.

  8. Rene,
    Your last point indicates passengers traveling in First or Y fare for select itineraries JFK to DEN, LAS, LAX, PHX etc. I cannot find this anywhere on the web site. Can you share the link? Thanks

  9. I am a Delta gold medallion and I have been told at skyclubs in the USA I have to pay when flying in coach internationally, though you state otherwise. Can you confirm what you stated in your column is correct?

  10. @Jay – clearly shows GM+ gets Skyteam access. Some 3rd party ones have been dumped!
    SkyTeam® Lounge Access

    Complimentary access to most worldwide SkyTeam lounges is available to Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Medallion members when traveling in any cabin on a same-day international SkyTeam-operated flight. Members must present membership card and their same-day ticket for an international SkyTeam-operated flight or same-day domestic SkyTeam-operated flight connecting to an international SkyTeam-operated flight for SkyTeam lounge access. SkyTeam lounge benefits are provided only at the departure airport and not at the arrival airport unless connecting to a qualifying SkyTeam flight. One guest allowed.

  11. Rene,
    I just want to be sure,I earned Diamond in 2013, so until next year i can bring in spouse and child under 12?

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