Delta 717-200 seats, ride and first impressions

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717-200 delta mdw airport delta points blog

Thanks to a nice bump voucher and a very good 1st class DeltaMileageRun price from Chicago to San Francisco, I decided to jump on the chance to fly the 717-200 Delta has taken from Air Tran (Southwest paid to refurb the jets to Delta specs).

1st class cabin delta 717-200 delta points blog

A smaller brother of the MD series, it is basically a big regional jet. First impressions are: it is nice!

row 1 first class delta 717-200 delta points blog

The first class section has a very similar seat to the 737-900 but no IFE & power is under and between the seats but is there.

not that much leg room 1st class delta 717-200 delta points blog

The air controls are like older jets but work fine and the light is non-LED and strong.

below and between seats delta 717-200 power ports delta points blog

It’s funny, my FA’s on the flight hated the galley on the jet (I chatted them up a bit pre-flight).

coach cabin delta 717-200 delta points blog

The bulkhead row is a bit tight so if you want leg room avoid row 1st class if leg room matters to you.

Front row Economy Comfort Delta 717-200 delta points blog (1)

The front row of EC is a winner choice. Especially the 2 seat side as you have a bit of a buffer from the 1st class taking up more room.

Front row Economy Comfort Delta 717-200 delta points blog (2)

The other side is not bad either for leg room with only a curtain separating coach and 1st.

exit row seats delta 717-200 delta points lbog

The Exit rows have some nice leg room especially the one with the no seat in front of you.

view from coach delta 717-200 delta points blog

I have to say the captain was great allowing me on early to take photos.

cockpit delta 717-200 delta points blog

 Compared to ANY other regional jet this one is a clear winner. Have you had a chance to ride on the 717-200 yet? Do you like the “new”, to Delta that is, replacement jet for many regional jet routes? – René

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  1. Looks like a CRJ on steroids. Did you happen to check out seat 20B? It’s the solo seat in the exit row. Apparently someone on my flight turned down a Medallion upgrade for that seat. Just wondering if this is really such a special seat, i.e. even better than economy comfort for a solo traveler?

  2. The new 717-200s are great. I flew one when it had the “new car smell.” The layout is fine and it is comfortable for a big regional jet. Much better than a CRJ of any type. First has plenty of room. I will look for them on many routes.

  3. Yes, I’m definitely a fan of the 717-200. Although, just as you mentioned, FAs I have spoke to cannot stand it.

  4. I’ve flown it a great many times with AirTran. It is superior to the CRJs because of the full-size overhead bins. Unlike the CRJ200 and 700, it has forward and aft lavatory. It is superior to the 737 in one respect – tail-mounted engine nacelles mean almost silent running in the forward cabin during takeoff. As for the galley, the AirTran FAs often alternated between 717 and 737 without complaint. I’m sure that the Delta FAs will adjust over time. Change can be uncomfortable.

  5. Thanks for the review! I am curious, are the overhead bins now large enough for a standard size carry on? The CRJs definitely do not have usable luggage bins for the 21-22″ wheelie.

  6. I’ve always liked the DC-9/MD-80/Boeing 717. I guess because I’ve probably flown on that plane more than any other in my lifetime. I definitely like the 3-2 layout and naturally have always preferred the 2 seat side. Solid, reliable airplane.

  7. Forgot to post here took it MDW-ATL alittle few weeks ago in 1 class. Not bad I had in my mind CR9 and the new actually new 73 so I was pleased with the overhead. Seats were pretty beat felt like I was in an aging cr7/9. I gotta say I really like the CR9 and like other poster said my flightmemory can attest to how much MD88 time I’ve gotten. I won’t avoid it in the future because bin space is good and more upgrade room than CR9. Even though route wasn’t 3+ I just was disappointed that a refurbished Boeing didn’t have PIE.

  8. My chance finally came! I rode the Delta 717 from EWR to ATL and it was a meal flight! The leg room in row 1 is little changed from AirTran. Starboard seats 1C and 1D have the cut-out below the galley, which brings an impossible situation at least close to tolerable. On the bright side, at-seat power was very popular with my fellow forward cabin occupants and the dinner was far better than anything I ever had on AirTran. This is a winner for DL and I can’t wait to ride this bird again.

  9. The seats in the Delta b717-200 are very close together. Very uncomfortable. The cooling system in the B717-200 does not work well. Find another aircraft if possible.

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