Minneapolis to Dallas (via SLC) 1st Class $559 & 5938MQMs at 9.7CPM 1-DAY Weekend Delta Elite Mileage Run

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Only the 17th. The 18th is to Denver


I hope most reader see this as I have some ground rules that change in December. We are past shooting for my goal numbers of sub 4CPM in coach and sub 8CPM in 1st at this point in the year. If you have waited this long to get your MQMs you will either pay the BAT CRAZY Delta buy now prices or a mileage run.

I like this for a bunch of reasons. It is all in 1st (nice). You get breakfast, lunch & dinner on the flights (nice). It is on a weekend and all in one day from MSP (nice). You may be able to get this if you call on a 30k FlexPerk ticket btw.

Lastly, you should still have time to apply and get a Delta Reserve card (links below) and get the first purchase to post before the 31DEC and $450 for 10k MQMs clearly is a great deal this time of the year if you have NEVER had these cards before. Consider them now.

Here are the weekend first class numbers:

Cost: $577

5,938 MQMs at 9.7 CPM via SLC 2x

Book direct on Delta.com via this link for Saturday

Be sure to be logged in to Delta.com before you click link above




As you can see from the above, if you are in need 10,000 MQMs or more the above cards are one of the simplest ways to get the MQMs you are short for the year. It is VERY important you see THIS POST <-LINK to check if you have ever had the personal card bonus EVER before as that will prevent you from getting it again. As to the business cards, you must not have had the card for 365+ days to get the new card bonus again. Do note the annual fee is NOT waived for the above cards but the value of the MQMs to me far outweighs the cost of holding the card for a year or more.


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  1. With KLM, my wife is is now “deseatsed.” Booked a January flight for my wife (Gold) and me (Diamond) in economy. Called Diamond Desk to get us seats because JFK-AMS is on KL metal. No problem with EC+ for both of us. Reviewed booking two days later (after official ticketing) and found neither of us had seat assignments anymore. As DM, I could change back into original seat for free, but my GM wife would be +$48. Called Diamond, and they upgraded her to EC+ by billing and then crediting back the $48. Gotta love those Diamond Desk folks.

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