What are the best Delta seats in Coach or Comfort Plus on a A330-200? Take a look at a few!

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The other day I reviewed the outstanding A330-200 Delta One cabin and my feelings that the mini-cabin, just in front of Comfort Plus seats, is my favorite. But what about the rest of this jet? How good is the seat and space in Comfort Plus. Also, what about the exit rows farther back. Are they the best choice? Let’s take a peek at some shots.


When I am awake, that is a daytime flight, I normally try to choose a bulkhead seat. I like that there is no one to recline into you and cramp your already limited space.


But when you at first glance look at the space in row one of Comfort Plus on the A330-200 it looks quite tight. It really is not. Take a look from the side how much space you have.


That is a generous amount of leg room for you and you are able to fold out and enjoy our own in flight entertainment unit (IFE). This does narrow the seat width a bit but I like the trade off.


The only downside of the middle row is that it has so much space that sometimes other passengers try to walk past your feet to get to the bathrooms in back if a cart is blocking their aisle. Be aware of this.


Since all the seats in Comfort Plus, and the rest of coach (or main cabin), have the same size seats you all get a large screen IFE that also has a USB port for charging your devices (but does lack power over the real power port below).


To me the next often coveted seat is the exit row with a ton of leg room and once again swing up IFE. There are some drawbacks to these seats. It is often very hard and cold. Folks waiting to go to the lavatory congregate in your space.


As for the middle row you have a similar situation to the first row of Comfort Plus so be aware of that.



Lastly I thought I would give you a visual “foot” comparison of the space in Comfort Plus. While a bit more than the rest of coach it is not a massive difference. However on a very long flight every little bit sure does help.

Do you have a favorite seat on the Delta A330-200 in coach? Do you try for bulkhead or do you feel restricted by the wall in front of you? Share you feedback in the comments below! – René



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  1. Great shots of a nearly empty cabin!

    I like the middle bulkhead on long-haul flights and I always put a carry-on bag in front of me in that ‘so much space’ area and use it as an ottoman for my feet…hence no one passes through our section’s space.

    Fortunately, all but four (which ended up being SFO-DTW & DTW/SFO) of my segments upgraded this year so I have not used this technique in over a year!

  2. Hi Rene,

    Currently writing this from Nagoya Japan, I flew the A330 from DTW to NGO yesterday: 13 hours flight time + 1 hour airport hold due to weather. This was my 4th time this year flying this route.

    Personally I prefer the 2nd or 3rd row of economy comfort over the bulkhead row. I like having the seat back pocket for my phone, cables, etc. and there is a real power outlet for you to use. Plus, if I can’t be up front, I’d rather not watch the lucky ones eat those much better meals and drink the much better wine.


  3. I too like the pockets to put a book, stuff in my pockets, etc While I am not that much over weight, the bulkhead seats have the in-arm trays that make them a little more narrow. If you pick an aisle seat in the middle section there is always a possibility that the next seat over might be empty. I fly the A330 to and from Europe and on KLM down to East Africa. Always a comfortable and quiet ride.

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