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  1. Hey Rene,

    Started looking into your retention strategies. I spend 60k on my Delta Reserve each year. Just looking for an estimation on what I could ask for in your experience. Thanks!

  2. @Kevin – Anything from nothing to full fee back to part fee back to 10-30k points to one time statement credit of some amount.

  3. Rene, I was part of a family corporation (C) until last year. I used to charge $ thru our terminal on my AE Platinum and Reserve ranging from $2000 to $18000 per transaction. This would get me my maximum mgm miles plus my $25,000 yearly spending I would then reimburse the company for the fees. No problem for years.
    Well the business closed and I started a new business. I tried the same thing with the new business. I got hit with AE financial review. I was told I can’t use my AE cards thru my own business and they lowered my spending limit.
    Any thoughts on a way around this. I used paypal and square to do this.

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