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  1. If I am silver in Marriott right now and have 25 stays coming up till end of the year. will it not be better to stay at SPG and earn Platinum, rather than getting gold at Marriott

  2. @Gurmeet – Yes IF and again I say IF you can get 25 stays before year end with SPG they yes do that much smarter. Then link (do not link now).

  3. Question – I have been a Hilton Diamond for years. It appears as though I will not make it this year, and won’t be close enough for a status stay. I am a Delta Platinum for 2017.

    For 2017, do I run with Hilton Gold Status, or start SPG Crossover Rewards?


  4. @Carl – For next year SPG as it is now is still going to be around. The only issue is after that it is all Marriott. So, do you want to be Marriott Platinum 2018 (if you earn it in 2017 at SPG). If you are just talking points SPG points are still very valuable. You can btw get Hilton Gold status free with non-Delta AMEX Platinum cards.

  5. Good evening Mr Rene my name is Leslie would you be so kind in reaching out to me please. I have a couple of questions regarding the travel. You can contact me via email.. Thank you much.

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