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  1. What’s up? I logged in this morning and was searching on the website for several different itineraries and no MQMs appear on the final summary page, only miles and MQD? Anyone else having a problem?

  2. Rene
    Have you had any feedback on Fly Delta app 3.9.
    It no longer shows the upgrade list.
    I was on a run this weekend and wanted to check my status for a SLC/JFK flight and couldn’t find it on the app. I called Delta and was transfered to IT, and a supervisor confimed it is not in the newest version. I also had a problem on the using my tablet but don’t know if that was me or a new system.
    Could you let me know if you heard about this and if you moght know of Delta planning a fix. Could they be eliminating it for some sinister reason as they have done with other changes.
    I suggest you warn your readers not to upgrade.
    Unfortunately, my tablet auto updated and I updated my phone.
    Appreciate hearing from you about this.

  3. @Lee – Depending on your OS this has been a come & go issue for many updates not just this one. I hope they fix it in 3.9.1 or 4.0 🙁

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