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  1. Rene,
    Several weeks ago I booked a September mileage run Newark-Seattle-Hong Kong for an incredible $444. Applied my global upgrades to the SEA-HKG legs successfully, then when applying them to the domestic flights was told that could not be done since these were operated by Alaska Air. The original booking has listed Delta flight numbers with the small print noting AS operation.
    So what are my alternatives?
    -I paid Delta by Delta Platinum card for the original schedule.
    -There are many flights listed on Delta site that would work with my itinerary which would allow me to apply for the upgrades.
    -The AS flights don’t look heavily booked so bumping will probably not be an option.
    -Alaska Air has changed the time on the original scheduled return by half an hour but don’t know whether that’s enough to do anything for me.

    The Alaska Air wrinkle has me wondering what options I might have. Since the trip is still 6 months away I suspect your answer might be continue to wait and watch and see what happens. Then if nothing, call Diamond desk and see if they might be willing to change to Delta metal?

    Thanks for any advice you may have.

  2. @Carol – Wait for schedule changes. If not, you still have shot at elite UG even on AS but read up on FT how to get them as DL elite.

  3. Hi Rene, have a trip scheduled for this weekend that I need to cancel. The flight looks completely sold out. Do you have any strategies to avoid fees? I am PM and paid cash.

    Should I wait until check in to see if I am offered a bump?


  4. @Ed – The problem is you never know. It could go out full or empty. I would do this: call and see if they will cancel and wave fees and give you a credit towards another flight. They appropriate this and do it often. Then YOU must keep old ticket number to re-spend the credit later on (you have one year from date of issue old ticket)

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