Much delayed last week’s SWAG Saturday 2x$50 Delta Skyclub pass winner is… #100 (is that you)?

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last weeks swag saturday skyclub winner

Sorry for the delay in not posting last week’s winner of the SWAG Saturday drawing for two $50 Delta Skyclub 24 hr passes. If you have not been paying attention the Midwest has been dealing with some weather issues and it has impacted my travel a bit. Now, since I am in full 2015 mode things are working out very nicely and I will be sure to post about that later. But for now, per, our winner is #100 that is Shane K. who said:

“Looking into applying for a personal Delta card…”

Thanks for your input and for supporting the blog and I will contact you soon to get your prizes on the way ASAP.

I will tell you flying Delta during 2015 has been a monumental shift. Everything is different and I cannot wait to share with you all my findings. For now, it is time for the big game and may the team with properly inflated balls win! 🙂 – René
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