Detroit to Dallas (via SLC) $203 & 4938MQMs at 4.1CPM Weekday Delta Elite Mileage Run

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Now don’t hate on me because I am not forcing you to sleep in an airport – I am just putting up the deal. There are clearly far simpler ways to pick up MQMs but this has a few things going for it. First, it is all done in about 24 hours. Next you can go in coach or sleep in First class (would be my choice). Sure, if you do it in coach and maybe get to a hotel and sleep a few hours. Either way I am only finding the cheaper price on PriceLine.

Here are the coach numbers:

Cost: $203

4,938 MQMs at 4.1 CPM via SLC 2x

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The coach flights are HERE

The first class flights are HERE




As you can see from the above, if you are in need 10,000 MQMs or more the above cards are one of the simplest ways to get the MQMs you are short for the year. It is VERY important you see THIS POST <-LINK to check if you have ever had the personal card bonus EVER before as that will prevent you from getting it again. As to the business cards, you must not have had the card for 365+ days to get the new card bonus again. Do note the annual fee is NOT waived for the above cards but the value of the MQMs to me far outweighs the cost of holding the card for a year or more.

Cincinnati to Dallas (via SLC) 1st class $498 & 7312 MQMs at 6.8 CPM Weekend +1 Delta Elite Mileage Run

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Nashville to Boston (via MSP) $118 & 3638MQMs at 3.2 CPM Weekday Delta Elite Mileage Run (1st class Weekend date as well)!

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HURRY! Chicago to Dallas (via SLC) 1st class $404 & 6712MQMs at 6CPM Weekend +1 Delta Delta Mileage Run

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New York to Dallas (via SLC) $183 & 5954MQMs at 3CPM Weekday Delta Elite Mileage Run

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Seattle to Manchester England $568 & 12558MQMs at 4.5CPM Weekend +1 Delta Elite Mileage Run

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Seattle to Denver (via MSP) $176 & 4184MQMs at 4.2CPM weekend 1 day Delta Elite Mileage Run

There are only a few scattered dates on this one and, yes, it is a red-eye but I like this for a few reasons. First off, to be near 4CPM on a weekend hub run is nice. You are only burning one weekend day and, as it is a weekend, your upgrade shot should be better. That is unless… A bunch of folks say forget the coach run lets fly first class at just over … Continue reading

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Minneapolis to Orlando & V.V. (via SLC) $291 & 5840MQMs at 5CPM weekday Delta Elite Mileage Run

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New York to Orlando (via MSP) $168 & 4660 MQMs at 3.6 – 1 Day Weekday Delta Elite Mileage Run

Who’s your buddy NYC Delta fan 😉 BTW no ZIKA risk if you never leave the airport right (kidding no ZIKA in MCO yet, I think). I like this one because it is just one long day out and back. You may have time to pop in to THE CLUB at MCO if you land early. Also shockingly you can simply book this on with the multi-segment tool page and add MSP as connection … Continue reading

Portland to Aruba 1st class $801 & 13712MQMs at 5.8CPM weekday Delta Elite Mileage Run

A number of dates in late October on this one with a HT to FT for the find. If I were doing this one I would stay in AUA for a day or so (will price the same). Also do note you will have to overnight in SLC on the way back and that cost should be added in to the price of this run. Lastly, it is a LOT of time in a domestic … Continue reading

Flint to Los Angeles (via ATL) $263 & 5180MQMs at 5CPM 1 day Weekday Delta Elite Mileage Run

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New York to Dallas (via SLC) $233 & 5954MQMs at 3.9CPM Weekday Delta Elite Mileage Run

You can work this one a bit and I would rather stay overnight in Dallas but if you want to get a run done in 24 hours this could be for you in the NYC area. At least you do have a few hours in the middle to check out the DFW Centurion and maybe get a massage before the flights back home. Also do take note the first leg out to SLC is a … Continue reading