A Pet Peeve Gripe Post – What are the most irritating things hotels do (that they don’t have to)?

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Bad bits in a hotel bathroom RenesPoints blog (2)

I really hate these! You?

For the past 5 nights I have enjoyed a lovely stay at the one year old Sheraton Four Points near the SEA airport where the FTU or Frequent Traveler University was held. The room was clean, the wifi was fast and the staff was helpful. My only real gripe was the shuttle only came twice an hour and if you miss it you may have to wait for a while (yeah, I know, I could have called for an UBER so my choice to wait).

Anyway, the one thing it seems all Sheraton Four Points have installed in their showers is a combo liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner. While this seems like a good idea to save from having to provide as many mini bottles of each, the location in the middle of the wall is just so frustrating.

Bad bits in a hotel bathroom RenesPoints blog (1)

After all they put up a curved shower rod to give you MORE space in the shower then you end up bumping into the soap rig all the time. Where is the logic in this? If you are going to have one of these mount them on the back wall out of the way not just where you need more space not less. You tell me, does this type of setup frustrate you too?

What other little things do hotel just “do” that drives me nuts. One is not providing free and plentiful bottles of water. This to me, in this day and age, should just be standard. It does not have to be a name brand one just anything will do. Or, at least, if they are not going to provide that enough plastic cups that can be used instead. I really hate real glass cups as you never really know if these were properly cleaned or just rinsed out in the sink in the room – yuck!

The next one is when the alarm is left on from the previous guest. Now I know I should check myself but I don’t think I have ever been in a hotel with the EXACT same radio alarm as all the others. I would assume all the alarms in “this” hotel are the same. Why can’t the housekeeping staff, as part of their efforts, make sure the alarm is set for off before they go?

The last one is no laundry bag in the room. Again here I could dump this responsibility on myself as I should have extra bags of all kinds with me but there are times I forget and it is very handy to have a plastic bag I can grab if I have some items that got a bit dirty that would be better to bring home in a laundry bag.

This is my short list of stuff that I think a hotel really could fix very simply or at least think through before they implement. What do you think? What other little things do hotels do that drive you crazy when it really should not? – René