Rookie Sunday: Can sticking a Delta Diamond “Brag Tag” on your bag get you more perks? Or, is this just pompous showing off of your status?

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RenesPoints Rookie

Welcome to a regular feature on the Renés Points blog. This blog series covers in a “rookie” way either a Delta or travel related theme and attempts to break down to a basic level each topic. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this featured topic.

Well hello Delta Diamond BragTag!

Delta, a while back, had a twitter campaign to show off what they called your #BragTag that is, your whatever Delta elite card that you are to stick on your bag. Now in the past these had somewhat of a real purpose as it had your SkyMiles number on it as well as a bar code that when scanned also showed your frequent flyer number.

But then a few things changed. First Delta stopped putting your frequent flyer info on your tags. Then they stopped sending out Silver Medallion tags and encouraged those lowest level elites (although, for now, SPG Platinums with crossover rewards really are below them) to simply print their elite cards online. The following year Delta discontinued sending out Gold Medallion tags. The latter really is sad because a Gold Medallion is a Skyteam elite+ member and that does matter to the rest of Skyteam and there can be times they want to see a real card to get member perks like lounge access or free bags (and they often don’t like a printed card or a digital one).

OK, all the above is interesting history but what does that have to do with the topic of the day, that is, should you put a Platinum or Diamond or even Delta360* tag on your bag? On the frequent flyer chat board FlyerTalk there is a long thread where half of the respondents say it is just show boating or grand standing to put any kind of such BragTag on your bag. There are even photos of bags with nearly half a dozen Diamond tags (one for each year of membership). While others even have fake medallion tags on their bags called either Unobtainum or Kryptonium Medallion (I have one of the latter on one of my bags just for fun). But also discussed in the thread is are there any perks to having these things dragging from your bag.

The simple answer is: YES!

Oh wait a minute René, you are telling me that folks can go on Ebay and buy for $50 to $100 a set of real Diamond BragTags and get Delta perks? Please…

Now hold on, I am not talking about upgrades or anything like that that really requires you to hold the real status. I am talking about many little things that just having these on your bag can make a difference. OK like when then? Here is a short list:

  • Finding space for an a bag on-board
  • Getting escorted to a shorter line
  • Accessing your bag faster on regional jets plane side
  • Any other tiny bits along the way!

Let’s look at these one by one. Again, to be clear, I am not advocating you put these tags on your bag if you do not actually hold the status reflected on your tag. Now as to overhead space neither am I saying you should put one of these BragTags on your mega size bag as a way to get around the rules. What I am however suggesting is that say if you are playing TeamBoardLast (since Delta reps in 2018 don’t seem to care about upgrading those who were #1 on the list once they board) and you are worried about them running out of overhead space then having one of these tags can maybe help you get your bag onboard with you as the last passenger on the jet (there is always room for a Size Check sized bag in the coat closet, right). Or, if you are late to the gate getting that little bit of extra help from a flight attendant to open enough bins until space is found for your bag. Yes, this BragTag can help you here.

Next up we have real world examples that I have experienced. Say you are arriving at international customs and the lines are long. Sometimes you may be shown the way to a much shorter line just because a rep saw your BragTag on your bag (sir, this way for Diamonds). The bottom line here is reps are looking for the tags and can maybe now and then save you some time. Time is something I value above most other things and I bet you do too!.

This next one may not impact you unless you find yourself often flying on the horrid and cursed CRJ200 regional jets (if you can avoid them, good for you). For the rest of us I have found that with my Diamond BragTag on my bag, mine, and other elite bags, tend to come faster when being loading into the jetway one by one vs. those bags without tags.

Now my last one and this applies to the only other group that still gets BragTags in the mail from Delta, that is, Platinums. Remember that with much of Skyteam, Platinum is their frequent flyer program’s highest level. Thus, much of the above can apply to you if you are flying with partners so why not also stick your tag on your bag.

So while some may be happy to sell their Delta stuff on Ebay as a collector’s item for a few bucks each year, others may find it more valuable to strap these BragTags on their bags and see if they can in fact help you along the way. But you tell me. Do you put these, or other tags, on your bags. Have you ever had some little perk extended to you by doing so? Let us know in the comments below! – René