New Travel Stuff I Am Just in LOVE with and Now Must Have When Flying!

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What a game changer this is!

This past week I talked about the life altering time savers of CLEAR as well as the amazing Mobile Passport APP. I just cannot get over how fast these tools make travel “choke points” if you will. I love stuff like this that so improves travel frustration points since I want every time I travel for things to be fun!

Another major frustration point for me each time I fly Delta is the varying volume of FA and pilot announcements. They can go from YELLING to what did he/she say? And for some reason it always seems insanely loud if you are watching inflight entertainment (IFE) and they break in to tell you something. I hate that. But thanks to my i9bt I reviewed the other day I now have the perfect solution. Notice what the red arrow is pointing at? Yep, it is a volume control dial. What a massive upgrade to have that quickly at hand to turn loud into a nice level or even off as there are times when the volume is so loud that I can hear it clearly through my headphones with volume off and noise canceling switched on. NoiseHush, my ears thank you so much!


Yes I “need” 4 ports now – you?

I have also added another little gadget thanks in part to having just so much “stuff” that charges via USB. I almost feel like John Mayer in his song “Something’s Missing” where he says at the end “how come everything I think I need, always comes with batteries”. I find hotels often don’t have that many (or any) USB ports to power up all I need for the next day. This little 4 porter is the fix for me.


Does your brick tell you how much power remains? Mine does!

I also am still really impressed with my long term use of my BIG 20k battery brick. The digital display showing approximately how much juice it has is just great considering the fact of how many jets I have been on as of late with no power.


I got two – his and hers ;-)

Lastly I am so far really happy with my new 10 year warranty Samsonite spinner carryon (paid for with the proceeds from my Delta MM gift choice). And yes, including the wheels, it does neatly fit inside the Delta “size check” container so no issues there. The only complaint I have is a minor one that I wish there was a handle or something more grabable (is that a word) when you put it into the bin handle first. But, for the price and features, something I can live with.

It is interesting that even flying 100+ segments year after year I am constantly tweaking and adjusting what “stuff” I need and find the most useful to me. Maybe you are doing the same. Any travel bits you have found you just cannot live without? Let us all know! – René

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