A RenésPoints PodCast about Delta Regional Upgrades – What you really must know!

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be sure to keep checking for your Delta regional upgrade to clear

YES! I will be in 1st class – thank you!

Welcome to a first ever attempt at a PodCast. This may not work as it should but I wanted to test the waters with today’s post. So take a listen and see what you think:

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Click the “play” button to enjoy today’s RenésPoints PodCast!

I have also included a few shots that expand on what I am talking about in the narrative. I have to tell you I am all about my upgrades and will use the Delta system and perks (and tech) to make sure you and I are the ones who attain each and every upgrade we can (without doing the shameful act of paying for it – no matter what the price).

an example of being able to select a 1st class seat when your RU or GU cert has cleared delta renespoints blog

YES! This is what you want to see!

Again, please comment below if you enjoyed today’s audio post and you would like to see more of these on Sunday posts now and then! – René



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