ESA Therapy Duck on-board, Record Guns in ATL, MEGA card bonus points too rich? Use SPG at Marriott & more

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Every day some travel news headlines catch my attention. Some are from Delta and some are just of travel interest, but all are ones I think you will want to see. Let’s take a look at today’s:

Were there any other bits you caught that I missed out on today? Please feel free to comment below and include a link to the story as well! – René


PS – Don’t forget about the AMAZING 70k SkyMiles plus 10K MQMs Delta AMEX card offer ending soon!


Help me Win USA TODAY 10 Best Miles and Points Blogs (tip: Vote EACH day)!

Talk about a list of the who’s who of the top and best miles and points blogs on the planet and little old me is included in this distinguished and amazing blogger list. I am just thrilled! Don’t get me wrong I don’t think I can win against this elite million page view per month crowd (René only does 2-3 million page views per YEAR) but I think, with your help, I can crack the … Continue reading

My Joy and Frustration with the 2x AMEX Small Business Saturday this year!

When you tell me I can earn 2x SPG points per dollar you have my attention. Not just SPG points considering also I can also get 2x on my AMEX Platinum Business card that when I spend them on air will give my 50% points back you really have my complete attention. But there are some issues that are frustrating with this offer. First off I would love to scale this up big time and … Continue reading

Obituary: Great Barrier Reef! Havana suspends new licenses, 2nd Delta Doctor Issue, Airline seat mess & more.

Every day some travel news headlines catch my attention. Some are from Delta and some are just of travel interest, but all are ones I think you will want to see. Let’s take a look at today’s: Obituary: Great Barrier Reef (25 Million BC-2016) – [so want to dive this] Havana suspends new licenses for private restaurants, owners fret – [Don’t want to go yet anyway] Coldest winter in years predicted for Sweden – [oh … Continue reading

Rollover MQMs, AMEX MQMs, Delta Choice Benefits & more 2017 Delta Medallion Q&A!

I normally run a post like this each year in December, but the more I think about it and all the changes we are seeing this year to the elite Medallion program it would be wiser to touch on these right now so you have time to plan and make choices with time to act. Plus, I am getting tons of questions every day in e-mail and having this post to point to would be … Continue reading

Biggest Frequent Flyer Points Mistake is a Simple one so many make (don’t let this be you)!

I am on my way back home from another outstanding and fun Chicago Seminars. It was great to see old friends as well as a bunch of first time visitors to this event. This event, unlike so many others, is truly geared toward those new to the game or “hobby” and it is always fun to see their heads all but explode when they find out all that is open to them. But one of … Continue reading

More details on the Delta / Skyteam – “Never miss a mile! SkyTeam launches frequent flyer retro-crediting”

About a week ago Delta released a PR post about a “new” tool to help us when we fly any Skyteam flight to make sure we get points to the program we want. The key part is focused on the fact that there can be times we do not get credit and we can now, thanks to this tool, get retro credit correctly and quickly. In part the PR says: “Skyteam, the global airline alliance, … Continue reading

What will happen to the old Delta B Sky Clubs? A Centurion club maybe? I found out!

There were two Delta Sky Clubs in the B concourse at Atlanta’s ATL airport, that is the smaller club near B10 gates and the much larger upstairs one near B25. Both of these have now been replaced with the new mega B club in the center of the concourse. The new club has proven very popular. So popular that when I was there at about 8 PM this past Wednesday night the soup and dessert … Continue reading

I WON my EU261 legal case against KLM thanks to AirHelp – 1200 EUR settlement!

Have you ever ever wondered how hard it is to get an airline to do what they legally should do? I mean, in the USA airlines can say whatever they want to and blame the weather even when the weather is not really the issue. And even when an airline is at fault they, by law, don’t have to do much at all anyway and there are few repercussions against them unless they leave you … Continue reading

Rookie Wednesday: If you cancel a travel card, how fast do your perks end? Instantly?

Right now one of the most amazing points offers EVER is ongoing with the non-Delta AMEX Platinum business card. As I showed you the other day, it truly offers such better value than SkyMiles that anyone collecting Delta points just has not woken up to the facts of the current state of the game. But sometimes you just have to cancel some kind of travel card. Both the personal and business flavors of the non-Delta … Continue reading

Airline Mergers have cost us! BOGO Burrito, NAI hiring US Pilots, AA Legionella bacteria & United pain!

Every day some travel news headlines catch my attention. Some are from Delta and some are just of travel interest, but all are ones I think you will want to see. Let’s take a look at today’s: Eight years later, airline industry dominated by just four – and you’re paying for it. Chipotle Buy One, Get One Free Coupon Will Hiring US Pilots Help Norwegian Leap Over Open Skies Hurdle? No. But This Might… SAS … Continue reading

TODAY – Delta “Soft Launches” Medallion +1 Level Upgrades! Call to request yours.

THIS is the day we have been waiting for since back in May this year when I posted about the changes to the Delta medallion upgrade order, that is, as of today with the soft launch you can request to have your +1 that is on the same itinerary as you be eligible for upgrade at your elite level. This simply means if you have Diamond status and your +1 with you has NO status … Continue reading

Is the Silver Medallion Award Upgrade to First Class Change Really a big deal? Does it matter? Yep!

Yesterday afternoon @semajkung tipped me off to the changes on the Delta SkyMiles News & Updates page that now shows Silver Medallions (again as “back in the day” you could as well) on award tickets can upgrade all the way to first class (not just C+). If you are now a Silver you maybe be saying: “So what – not going to happen anyway”! Now I agree that this one the face of things looks … Continue reading

Help a seriously hurt Delta pilot! Samsung Note7 Production halted? Alaska Changing +1 Upgrades, Vote for best points blogger & more!

Every day some travel news headlines catch my attention. Some are from Delta and some are just of travel interest, but all are ones I think you will want to see. Let’s take a look at today’s: Delta Pilot Todd Hornbuckle needs our help – ($ 172,948 of $200k raised in 6 days so far!) Samsung changes Note 7 output schedule after fire reports Alaska Airlines Changes Their Companion Upgrade Policy for MVP Gold and … Continue reading

What to do with Delta SkyMiles “Post-Mortem”. Is there an impact on Medallion status?

Yesterday I posted the obvious, that is, the demise of SkyMiles. Honestly this is nothing new but the change in redemption value for non-Delta AMEX business Platinum card holders was the final “nail in the coffin” if you will. Ever since Delta went to revenue based rewards SkyMiles has been on a ventilator gasping for air. In many ways since EOS or Evolution of SkyMiles was started (some call it the End of SkyMiles) the … Continue reading