What do you most want to fly: The LAST Delta B747 or the 1st A350 with Delta One Suites?

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tweet about last b747 and first a350

I ran a quick twitter follower survey the other day with the simple question what would you rather do A) Fly the LAST Delta B747 or B) Fly the FIRST Delta A350 flight?

The results were fun. 20 who responded voted A while only 7 voted B. Now I get that there will be lots of time to fly the new jets and it does not look like Delta will ever again have the 747. So I understand the almost 3-to-1 vote for nostalgia. So when will each of these events take place?


Delta is not officially saying (and yes, I asked). All I was told was it would likely be a flight from Asia. From another source I was told that likely it would be the ICN-DTW flight on 17DEC17.


And when you look on the 18th you do see the route will be flown by a 777 not a 747. Again, all of this is educated guessing so far as we just do not know for sure and it does not, at least at this point, look like Delta is going to make this as big a deal as many of us AVgeeks would like it to be. I am still personally thrilled and will always treasure I became a Delta Million Miler on a 747 from Asia!

I even suggested to my Delta contact that they do some kind of domestic farewell flight say from ATL-SEA-LAX then on to the boneyard in Arizona. I was told if I would pay for the JET-A (the gas) they would think about it (I don’t have $200k for gas). I took from this that it is not gonna happen. 🙁

Well, what about the A350 then? Again Delta (official) is not talking. So, my other contacts are telling me that the first bird should be arriving at the nest i.e. #ATL in July. That means, if fitting out goes as planned in either August or September range it should start flying some domestic flights before it is put into the international rotation.

I am really looking forward to these first few flights and will, one way or another, find my way onto these flights (if not the very first one). Personally I think the Delta One Suites are going to be a game changer and set Delta apart but time will tell. Others feel it is mostly just a standard Delta One seat with a half door.

So you tell me. Are you going to try to gamble and book / fly the final Delta 747 flight ever? What about the very 1st ever revenue flight for the A350? Please vote in my reader poll & let me know in the comments below! – René

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