What is the most pathetic thing you can complain about with Delta? Here are my latest picks!

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what are the dumbest things you can complain about with Delta Air Lines (3)

How can they STAND this I ask you?

There is a hilarious thread on FlyerTalk in the Delta sub-forum. There are rants about all sorts of tiny little annoyances that folks gripe about when either flying Delta or in some way interacting with Delta. Some of them are epic and beyond “eye-roll” worthy complaints. But this weekend I wanted to toss in my latest picks.

Notice the photo of at the top of the post? I mean how can they stand to have one of the most prominent light bulbs in the Delta Sky Club out when all the others are clearly laughing at it’s dullness (paging Adrian Monk). I mean I think Delta will “thank me later” for pointing this one out. 😉

But wait – there’s more!

You see there is an even more egregious pathetic thing I can complain about and it may not even rise to the level of rant worthy so you be the judge:

what are the dumbest things you can complain about with Delta Air Lines (1)

YUCK – I hate grapefruit – You?

One of the best things on any breakfast bar is fresh fruit and the Delta Sky Club is no exception, except, for one tiny issue. I hate grapefruit. I mean I really HATE it. It is bitter and just nasty. And here is the thing – when you mix it up with other fruit it flavors ALL the other fruit as grapefruit.

Now I am sure this is fine for you folks who like bitter, nasty grapefruit, but for the rest of us who do not this is not a pleasant and refreshing breakfast choice. Agree?

what are the dumbest things you can complain about with Delta Air Lines (2)

No raisins is a good thing!

Just to balance out this most pathetic thing to gripe about I will add a  YUUUGE  praise for Delta. My wife, who was with me on the flights last week, told me this was one of the first times ever she had had cinnamon toast without raisins and she is not a fan of raisins. Nice right?But if Delta can leave nasty raisins out of the cinnamon bread why can they not leave the grapefruit out of my fruit mix I ask you? – Rene


PS – Feel free to gripe about anything real or pathetic you don’t like about Delta right now – this could be a fun comment section to review! 🙂

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