Updates: LAX T2 Delta Sky Club shower open, Uber tracking changes, Hyatt-ist CC challenge & more!

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Time for a bunch of tiny updates. First off, when I reviewed the new Delta LAX T2 Sky Club last month the showers were not yet open.

I was told by the staff that the previous tenants, Air Canada I believe, left the plumbing a total disaster (their words not mine).

Eventually Delta will have 6 showers (vs. the 4 in the old LAX club) so the total number will be an upgrade and should help wait times to use one.

As to the size of the showers maybe not so much but it is good to see all the bits you expect to see are there unlike some clubs that do not have a toilet in the shower room. With currently only 1 open expect wait times for a shower to be VERY long.

I know a lot of readers have dumped UBER and now use LYFT exclusively. UBER has done some stupid things as of late but for worldwide reach I personally still need to use UBER. One thing I have hated is the tracking me up to 5 minutes after a ride unless I turn off my location service in my phone. Well according to Reuters that will soon end. I have not seen an App update with this but I expect it in the next round.

In my last round of cards I picked up the Hyatt card because I wanted 40k points vs. the old offer of 2 nights plus this card is not under the horrid 5/24 rule. I am now a hotel free agent and do not care about the new “Waterist” elite levels at the hotel chain. But per Gary with a View from the Wing card holders like me can now get top status-ish if we register and spend 20 nights by year end. I say “ish” as it still takes 60 to get all the perks. No thanks Hyatt – this offer will not get me back into your hotels for my paid stays.

Lastly, did you know you can get a Delta Pizza or Burger from the flight fuel (a.k.a. old “eats”) menu on flights to Hawaii? Who knew? I know United has been bragging up their Uno pizza on-board. Has anyone tested the Delta one? Let me know if you have and how you liked it (or did not)! – René