ALERT: Check your Delta CRJ200 seats after “April Fools Day” C+ upgrade changes!

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bumped out of row 2 seats

I was in row 2 Delta!

Oh dearest Delta – you are too funny sometimes. I hope all readers saw this tweet with a shot of the Delta directions to travel agents when it comes to marketing and selling C+ seats on CRJ200s (if not, why are you not following me on twitter yet?)!


Let me start out and be clear about one important thing (as I have been in the past). C+ is the same seat as a C- seat with maybe a tiny bit more leg room and reline / pitch and free drinks. As an elite I will sometimes take C+ free if offered but other times I am simply happy to choose exit row and to make sure nothing goes wrong with my real upgrade shot to 1st class.

upgrade on a crj200


And that is talking about mainline jets – not partner CJR200s (btw I posted this CRJ200 confirmed news here). The idea that there is anything remotely comfortable or “plus” about a CRJ200 seat is just beyond insanity. By putting new “cushy” leather in row 1 of a CRJ200 that has  LESS  leg room than the rest of the jet, immovable arms so they offer  LESS  seat width than the rest of the jet,  LESS  overhead space than the rest of the jet (because most times oxygen and other bits are in your overhead) all to me make this row one not C+ but C- to begin with. Yet, Delta is in some way going to sell the flying public that  LESS=MORE?  I just don’t get it – do you? But I have now processed my 1st CRJ200 “upgrade” (I cannot believe I just said that). I did this on just one trip as for the rest of my flights I will stick with exit row or row 2/3 (to get off faster).

user pgh234 dumped out of row 1 on amex cert flyertalk

Screen Shot from

But now please look at the screen shot at the very top of this post. Overnight (or maybe as part of Schedule Change Saturday) Delta moved me from row 2 to row 4 for some reason and it looks like it is not just me they moved. We all should know by now that the AMEX BOGOF from the AMEX Delta Platinum or Reserve cards (when buying coach) does not get you into C+ seats because that is considered an “upgrade” and the certs don’t allow for upgrades. But, before April Fools Day, row 1 of a CRJ200 was not considered an upgrade and you could select it free. It seems Delta IT is moving you out of your chosen seat if you were on an AMEX cert or maybe if you had simply picked this seat.

30 more for row1 on a cjr200

Uh, yeah, how about NO!

My guess, and only a guess, is Delta is booting most folks out so they can sell these new “premium experience” seats where  LESS=MORE.  Even if my employer were paying for my ticket on a ~2 hour ride from ATL>SBN I don’t see this seat worth $30 more for LESS of everything other than free drinks (and getting OFF this tiny jet faster when you land). Oh and if you priority board your CRJ200 with C+ be ready to be bumped by the 46 people who file past you boarding (that is always comfortable right?).

seat next to toilet on delta crj200 renespoints blog

Anyway if you, like me, happen to be stuck starting many of your Delta travels on a CJR200 be sure to check this weekend each and every reservation to see where you may be sitting now! – René