Would You (or Have You) Used a Lime Scooter? Are They Safe? Are They a Public Nuisance? Do You Like Them or Hate Them in Your City?

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During my recent visit to Sweden, I was shocked to see LIME Scooters just everywhere in town. Well, not just LIME but a bunch of other brands as well. But not everyone in Gothenburg seemed pleased with these things.

There are canals all through the downtown area and it seems that folks are tossing these scooters (and bikes) into the water. We saw one man so upset over these scooters that he kicked one as he walked by and then tossed a glass bottle at it (he was rather drunk it seemed).

Are these scooters safe? Consumer Reports says some 1500+ injuries per year happen on these scooters in the US alone (I am shocked the number is not higher). There are few times I have seen anyone wear safety equipment when using an electric scooter. In Atlanta they are passing laws to fine users who use the scooters where they should not be riding. Some folks have even died while using a Lime!

I have still never tried these myself but on a recent reader BBQ “meat-up” in Austin a number of folks tried them and said they had a blast scooting around town.

I did download the LIME app and it is interesting. It shows you where you can find (via GPS) both LIME bikes as well as scooters near you as well as how charged and how far they can take you.

I am clearly a huge fan of UBER and LYFT. They have changed the way I travel and while I still use other services like GroundLink and WelcomePickups I can not even think of travel without ride share cars. As to ride share bikes and scooters, I am still not sold on the concept.

I guess I am fishing for feedback today. Are you a fan of these? Are they in your home town? Have you used them? Do you mind them or find them a nuisance that clutters up your city? Do you think they are safe for riders or the public? You tell me! – René