This the most BRILLIANT idea ever – or the grossest thing ever in a bathroom? (warning: yuck alert)!

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Is it OK to call me “Dear”?

Blogging is a funny life. I get all kinds of offers to visit this place or that place or take this flight or that and I always politely tell them I do not take “comps” for stays or flights as I always pay my own way or use points (but I do take upgrades when I am already paying – I am not stupid after all). I often get offers via email like the above from either Xiang or Kristine (I am not sure which one really) to try some product for free if I write a review. I either answer the same way that I only review what I buy or I just dump the email without responding. But this one I clicked on to see just what they were suggesting I write about. Oh boy…

Would you buy this?

OK tell me your instant reaction to see the photo and product above! Was it…

EEWWWWWW that is just nasty. How many things just flooded into your mind. Maybe something like: You know someone who has one of these is going to, while doing their business, pick up their phone and use it. Then, later on, not wipe it down and hand it to someone (maybe me) and have me hold it and look at something (shudder – yuck – eewwwww).

This is a scary place – right?

Or, was your first instant reaction something totally different because:

Ruh Roh – Palm Centro DOWN!

Heyyyyyy that is a brilliant idea (I need one of those). I can not tell you the number of times I have had my phone in my back pocket and have gone to sit down and had the phone “almost” go into the toilet (if you have done this, and still use your phone, eewwwwww 100x)! So if you had one of these combo phone and paper holders you could put it there before you do your thing.

Phone did not go plop!

I have to admit I have gotten close, a few times, to dropping my phone into a toilet on an airplane. Not because I was using it while I was about to go but it was in my shirt pocket and when bending over to raise the lid… I can safely say it never happened but oh my did my heart sink once or twice (how would you explain that to the flight crew if it went down the pipe I ask you).

Tiny bubbles (yikes)!

So you tell me folks. What do you think of this product. Would you buy one? Would you use it? If you went to a friends house and it was installed in their bathroom what would you think (and think of them now)? If you have ever dropped your phone in the toilet, was it something a bag of rice fixed for you or were you shopping for a new phone?! Oh this is going to be fun! – René


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