Wingtips New York JFK T4 Airport Priority Pass Lounge Review (Post Security)

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Normally I can not wait to get to a lounge – any lounge – to get away from the mass of people that is the inside of most airports. For years a lounge or club has been an oasis of quiet, a snack and maybe a refreshment as well as wifi and power. In today’s crazy packed travel world we all know this is mostly a distant memory. Sure some clubs (think Amex Centurions) have gone to extremes to try to fix this by blocking access to the clubs for all but a few moments before flight – I hate this change as it drives me away from a club! But I am getting off topic a bit.

Lots of high end travel cards include the perk of Priority Pass Select that gets you and a guest free into lounges like the Chase Sapphire Reserve card (one of my favorite travel cards btw) as well as the Personal and Business (non-Delta) Amex Platinum cards just to name a few. If you even fly just once a month holding a high end travel card is a no brainer to have free lounge access. Do also note the Amex Platinum cards do get you (alone) access into the Delta Sky Clubs when you are flying Delta.

A long walk vs. just past security!

At New York’s John F Kennedy airport terminal 4 you have two lounge choices. One is the very large and impressive Delta Sky Club but it is a LONG way from where you enter the terminal and an even LONGER way from the far end of the terminal (often where AeroMexico jets fly from). But the Sky Club is NOT part of the Priority Pass network so thus if you want convenience you have to consider the Wingtips lounge just to the right as you exit security (before you go downstairs to the main concourse fyi).

Once past the entrance you can go left or right. The above is the left side of this lounge. The club is small and compact and when full this side can be rather loud. On to the food offerings.

For a tiny club they do have a better selection than I expected, but clearly nothing like the Sky Club down the concourse (if you have access). On to the beverage selections provided free of charge.

The basic flavors are covered but clearly none are really top shelf choices, but at the same time some are better than I have seen at other clubs.

While I am not a real beer drinker I was impressed they had 9 choices to consider (is your favorite included?).

“Watermelon” water, Apple and Orange Juice are in large containers vs. cans. Now on to the other side of the lounge.

Once again I give this tiny club credit for comfortable seating. Large chairs and in decent condition – what’s not to like. And there are other cool chairs along the windows.

These “spin” and yield a nice degree of privacy to enjoy the somewhat obstructed views of the airport.

If you are looking for the coffee machine and cookies, they are also on this side of the lounge.

Overall this is not a club to get excited about and considering there is a Delta Sky Deck (when open) a 10 minute walk away I would choose the Sky Club most days. Also know if you have mobility issues walking that far (either to or from the club) can be fixed by the assistance folks who will drive you on a golf cart to and from the club (and to your gate as well).

Have you had a chance to visit the Wingtips lounge in JFK? Would you consider this club vs. making the trek all the way out to the Delta Sky Club if your gate was at the “A” gate wing of the concourse? – René