A surprise in my mailbox greeted me late last week: a redesigned IHG Rewards Club Premier Credit Card.

I wasn’t expecting a replacement card and don’t remember requesting one. It just showed up.

The card it’s replacing didn’t expire until late 2023. But there are nearly ten changes between the old and new physical products, so I thought it’d worth us examining the differences!

We have the skinny on another passenger being told to cover up because her outfit was allegedly too revealing.

A couple of months ago, we wrote about Southwest Airlines passenger Kayla Eubanks being told her attire was “lewd, obscene and offensive.”

A similar incident recently occurred Down Under.

News.com.au reports that Virgin Australia passenger Catherine Bampton was told she couldn’t board her flight from Adelaide to the Gold Coast this past Wednesday morning.

Her offense? One of her flight’s pilots apparently thought her outfit was too revealing.