Delta Air Lines opened a Sky Club last fall inside the new Terminal A at Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). Even though the lounge debuted about seven months ago, many of us are only now starting to travel again and haven’t had the opportunity to visit the club. So as far as we’re concerned, this club is new. 🙂

And Delta really did a bang-up job with the addition.

I recently visited the SLC Sky Club and am excited to share the experience with you!

This will be my first month back in the air in what seems like forever. My trips will be limited and no matter what the local / state policies are (or are not) I will follow all the wise precautions recommended by the CDC. Even though I am fully vaccinated now and unlikely to spread the virus to others, I will take extra steps just to be sure.

But there are things I am really fearful of.

Like what?