Time for my next credit card churn! – I should net 300,000 points!

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It is time for my next credit card churn! What is a churn, well if you read frugaltravelguy or many of the other blogs you will know we make millions of miles by every 90-120 days applying for credit cards all in one day called a churn. The plan at this point for me:

Chase INK BOLD 50,000bonus points card

Citi ThankYou 50,000  point card

Hawaiian Airlines 35,000 point card (will become 70,000 Hilton points)


And for my bride, she will do

Business Gold Rewards Card® American Express 25,000 point card

Chase Sapphire Preferred® 40,000 point card

Hawaiian Airlines 35,000 point card (will become 70,000 Hilton points)


This should net us after the min spend on each card over 300,000 more points for the year and push us to the 2 million mark earned this year and a points total of about 2.2 million in our accounts. WOW!

If you are going to play this game please make sure you have a credit score over 700 and can take the short term hit to your credit rating. Remember your credit is one of your most important assets. If you do want to get some new cards, I thank you in advance for picking any of my links as a starting point so I get my commission ! (also act FAST if you are going to do the SAPPHIRE or INK BOLD cards as the 50,000 BONUS is set to go away on MONDAY) – René


The Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN


  1. Is the Sapphire Preferred expiring or just the Ink Bold? I hadn’t seen anything about the Sapphire deal expiring.

  2. What’s the purpose behind doing them all on the same day? I’ve done a Chase (Southwest) and Citi (AAdvantage) this month. Can I pick up another card or two if it’s from another issuing bank?

  3. No you should only do once Chase at a time. I auto-posted it wrong. I have fixed it for the card I am doing the Back of Hawaii one. I am still learning the posting thing and updates.

  4. Thanks Rick. Still learning the auto post thing and have fixed. Should have been the one now listed.

  5. What we are trying to do is not have “too many inquiries” on our reports by having them all hit on the same day.

  6. You never know 100% until the new promotion is out. I doubt the next one will be this big.

  7. Hi Nathan. No. I only close an account when I have to. I always keep my one oldest account and will until the day I die (it is a no fee card and make a charge on it now and then). What I do, the month BEFORE the card comes due, I call and ask for a retention bonus. If no bonus then I ask to be changed to a card that does not charge an annual fee. With Chase some times you have to move some lines of credit from one card to the new one to get approval.

  8. These churn stories are FUN reading, to be sure. I wish that those who blog about them would include A BIT more detail. A VERY important point, one that Ilmost never see in in blogs, is the MINIMUM SPEND on these hi bonus cards. The required spend level and the interval and VERY important, especially folks who simply do not spend a lot. Thanks.

  9. Hi Cook. Yes there is always spend on each of the cards but there are ways to get that done as well. It does take some work but well worth the rewards. Thanks for the input and for reading the blog!

  10. Hi DeltaGoldFlyer!!!

    If you are going to apply for both of the Bank of Hawaii cards (Bank of America and Bank of Hawaii), I would urge you (and anyone else) to apply for BOTH at the SAME time.

    It is much easier this way, and they do not seem to be bothered at all by dual applications. The same bank handles both cards. I think they only run one credit pull for both applications (thus you may be better off applying at the same time, as they will likely run another hard pull if you apply for the other later on).

    They will call you to make sure you didn’t apply for both cards by mistake.

    When they call, just tell them that you got both of the Hawaii cards because you like the idea of traveling to Hawaii and you need one for personal use and one for business. The phone calls from them are very friendly and short.

    I did this and it went so smoothly that two months later I had my wife and mother simutaneously apply for both, and they had not problems at all.

    Here’s another great benefit: a Hawaiian Airlines credit cardholder can transfer their Hawaiian Miles to any other cardholder. Thus, my wife and my mother will be each transferring their 70,000 miles to me. I will then have 210,000 miles, which I will probably transfer into Hilton for 420,000 Hilton points — All for $3,000 of spend.

    Good luck!!

  11. In fact, apply for both Hawaiian and the Virgin Atlantic too. If you’re after Hilton points, it’s a better buy anyways. You will get auto-denied but a couple hours later, a nice lady will call you and ask you if you really want all 3. You say yes, to use one as a pseudo-business card to keep expenses separate like your CPA wants. And she’ll say, no problem, that’s cool, you’ve been approved.

    Single hard pull for all three.

  12. Hi DeltagoldFlyer,
    your website and tips are awesome , great job.
    have a couple of questions reg churning,
    how do we know which cards can be churned? i hear that chase does not allow churning and some other blogs say churning is not allowed anymore.
    which cards can i apply for today which i can cancel before the annual fee hits? this would be really helpful as i am new to this.

  13. Hi UP,

    Great questions. Every bank is different. AMEX, the time to churn is 24 months. If it has been that long you can get the SAME CARD and get the new bonus. Chase it is 1x per card. Now that per card that is 100% the SAME. They come out with “NEW” cards all the time. Some have run into only 1x CHASE every 6 months for ANY bonus. So YMMV. As to Cancel, 1 month before fee I call and ask for a bonus to keep the card. If not I ask for a no fee flavor of the card (keep in mind they may not know there products – chase HAS a no fee CONTINENTAL card but told me NO they do not have it and my wife YES and she got it so if you do not like what you hear say thanks I will think about it and call back and ask again!) Thanks for reading the blog – Rene

  14. Thanks for helping out us regular flyers! It looks like the Sapphire bonus is still 50k points. Did they offer a new bonus yesterday or did I misunderstand when the offer is expiring?

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