What will DELTA do for you when… + PGA TOUR pin drawing

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In the summer it storms. In the fall it’s fog and wind. In the winter it is snow. In the spring it rains. Lions and Tigers and bears Oh my! Why fly!

We all know things will go wrong when we fly so what can we expect our beloved DELTA to do for us. The stock answer is if it is weather – nothing, nada, zip & zilch.

But this is not really true. So here are some tips for weather and more:

1) If you are stuck overnight and DELTA will not provide a room, ask them to call and book the room for you under the DELTA rate or under the “distressed traveler” rate and then you pay a much lower rate for the room, sometimes even the DELTA rate!

2) Or let’s say you give up your seat for compensation and take a bump on the last flight of the day and DELTA is willing you put you up at the “Motel 6” (kidding but you get my point). Now you must ask for this BEFORE they print the voucher where they are going to put you up. If you don’t like the choices they offer, why not say, “how about some extra vouchers for travel and I will get my own room!” Many times you will get another $100-300 each in ETV’s PER PERSON. Also be sure while you are at it to ask for some extra meal vouchers since you were so nice to give up your seat and help them out (they can all be used at one time). I do this in Atlanta and use my SPG points to say at the Westin ATL many times (order the Alaskan Halibut Steak, it is very good. It is fun to pay for your food with 3-10 $6 coupon vouchers).  The WESTIN hotel in ATL

3) While Delta does offer Bereavement fares, Bereavement link at DELTA, most of the time they are not so great. But, what I have found is last minute, like same day or next AM low level skymiles seats in coach can many times be found. Just REMEMBER that once you book a skymiles ticket inside 72hrs of flight you CAN NOT CHANGE it or the miles go bye bye (most of the time).

4) Bags. Have you ever had your bags delayed? What if you are going skiing in SLC the next day? Don’t despair DELTA cares and will fork over some cash so you can ski. Most of the time they will pay for rentals and will come up with a list of max prices they will give you for other rental items like gloves and thermals etc etc. The cheap stuff that you can not rent they will want you to TURN IN when you fly home if you want to get your money back (they give them to a homeless shelter btw). Look here for baggage info at DELTA website. The best thing to do if your clubs, or skis etc do not make it is talk to baggage claim at the airport and see what they will do. Know the rules, be NICE, and remind them this is your dream vacation and don’t want it ruined (sappy I know but be nice, it helps).

So there you are eveyone. DELTA will do lot’s for you if you know what to ask for and how to ask.

What to give away today? I have one more of the Kool DELTA PGA pins so leave a comment if you want it and I will have a random draw tonight at 10PM EST.


We have our winner of the PIN: Aleks

I guess not many want to win a DELTA pin?

Send me your mailing address Aleks and I will get he pin to you rene @ deltapoints.com


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  1. Those are AWESOME tips on asking for Delta/distressed traveler rates or offering to pay for your own in exchange for extra ETVs! I would much rather take another $100 in ETVs than stay at a crappy airport hotel. Will definitely try that at the next opportunity — which may be this coming weekend since we’re traveling up to NJ.

  2. I have a long overnight connection between Korean Air and Delta on an international biz class flight with Delta as the long leg carrier coming up. I wonder if Delta would be willing to book a room under the Delta rate so I can get a room at a discount?

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