Do you use @DeltaAssist to contact DELTA on Twitter? You should!

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I am NOT a fan of sites like Facebook, Myspace & similar sites and do not have, nor will I have,  a presence on these type sites!

Twitter is a very different animal than the aforementioned sites and you should use it for DELTA contact (and other company’s as well like SPG etc.).

If you have never used twitter it is like texting on your phone, only on steroids. Delta has a help feature called @DeltaAssist. They are great and quick to help. Even if you do not have  status with DELTA  you can use @DeltaAssist and get top notch service. Have you ever had a flight issue and the line at the counter is 20 people deep or more? Just sit down and tweet to @DeltaAssist and let them fix your problem almost instantly.

So how do I use this great service with Delta?

1 – sign up with
2 – search for DELTA and DeltaAssist ( also KLM_US,  KLM , AirFranceUS )
3 – once you have found them click “follow” them
4 – you will now send a tweet anyone can see so ask them to follow you
please for DM or Direct Messaging
5 – now you can pick messages and send them a private message!

You should get a response very quickly and if you have followed my advice by printing in advance all your flight options you can just ask to be moved to those flights. Then, once done, go to any of the “printers” around the airport, scan your OLD boarding pass (or skymiles card), and out comes the new one @DeltaAssist has done for you!

So give it a try next time and save yourself some stress and time.  – René


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  1. I love delta assist. they respond! and sometimes – even if they can’t ultimately help – it is a nice touch.

  2. Excellent Tip Thanks. I log on to my Facebook maybe 2-3 times a month and NEVER tried Twitter. My son uses it all the time I see how time consuming it is. I will give a go. thanks

  3. Great to know Rene – I’m a twitter newbie so very helpful info! Delta Assist sounds like a great service – will have to give it a try.

  4. Txs Lettie. I 99% just use twitter for company contact. Still love email for normal contact! – Rene

  5. Yes they are extremely helpful even for sometimes obscure things. I was flying to Hong Kong with a ~36 hour stopover in Shanghai, which under strange rules does not require a China Visa of any sort. Platinum Line insisted I needed a visa. Delta Assist checked very quickly for me and annotated my reservation. At check-in they immediately noted that I did not require a visa and got me on my way. Thanks Delta Assist.

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