25,000 Delta Skymiles for $500 goes LIVE TONIGHT – ( part deux )!

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A MOST important KEY is to use this link: DEAL IS DEAD NOW!

No other links will work! Here are some updates about the terms and conditions:


Now there is good news and bad news with this round. The good news is the price match works and they will price match Amazon as long as it is not an individual selling, so it does not have to be a “brick and mortar” store!

The bad news is we must stay OVER $500 to get the miles after the price match. Also, NO CODES will work or you lose miles. One nice thing for some of us, they will let you submit a tax exempt certificate if you want and they WILL credit you back the sales tax but your PRE TAX order cost must STAY over $500. S&H does NOT count toward the total spent. That will reduce my cost by $44.00. This is the way I will play it. The costs are estimates – YOURS MAY BE MUCH HIGHER.






Buy SAMSUNG Tabs (32gb)———-$665
Ebay fees——————————————25
S&H fees——————————————-15
Paypal fees—————————————20
Raw cost to buy / sell / ship————–$725
If you sell them for $540 each———-(-540)
Minus price match—————————(  -50)
All in loss                                   -$135

Still not a bad deal to buy 25,000 miles for that number. Even if you end up a loss of $175 per order you are still buying skymiles at $0.007 cents each! I will want to sell mine fast and will post the price at $530 each (but I have my tax exempt status so can take the hit). So my all in number this round should be a cost of $100/25,000!

Here are some links for info on prices and what they are going for on Ebay with BUY NOW.

Ebay 32GB TABS
PriceMatch Info from Skymall
BestBuy 32GB TABS for Pricematch
J&R 32GB TABS for Pricematch  < – may not work but BB should? We will see.


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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. how cruel to make this 3am. i am really not sure i want the delta miles that much to set my alarm clock 🙁

  2. Just to clarify. I need multiple orders of >$500 to rack up points. One order of $1000 will not garner me 50,000 miles, correct?

  3. I’m sorry if this has been answered over on FT, but quick question regarding price match…

    Am I correct to assume that After I place the order, I can call to have the price difference refunded? As long as the new price is still over $500?


    • Yes Mike. That is why I am going with the 32GB unit this time as the 499 one + battery will not work as after price match we are under the $500 level for the miles!

  4. Is it limited to just 500 spend or same as last year example you get 25k miles per $500 spend, with no limit.

  5. From what I am reading each order will be max 25k miles ,so if one order is $1,000.00 , I will not get 50k miles. I will have to do two seperate orders of $500 as clarified Before tax and s&h.

  6. Thanks for all the great info. My only question is this, do you really think you can get the $540 for the tablet? From what I’m seeing, I’d only be comfortable assuming a sale price of $520 as that is closer to the average price over the last 50 sold.
    What are your thoughts?

    • We shall soon find out. That is why you should PLAN to loose more that $135. Maybe $175 or even $200! IMO still a great deal!

  7. Rene, thanks for the great updates on this. I’m still not sure if I’ll end up participating or not, but I really appreciate how on top of it you’ve been. I do have a quick question regarding the price match, both for the Galaxy Tab and other products like the Canon cameras. Are you sure they’ll price match even if the item says it cannot be discounted? Is the “cannot be discounted” simply code for “you can’t use a x% off coupon”?

    • I can tell you this. Last time I used SAMS CLUB – they are a discount store – and it worked just fine. They will take just about anyone – even ON SALE. The key is it must be IN STOCK for the match to work. There a many places that have the TABs for 550 each like: or even this one save a few more bucks!

      *** Also keep in mind the PRICEMATCH comes AFTER the fact. You buy it first. After you have the order placed at FULL price you email and request the match and they credit you back to your credit card. Took about 3-5 weeks for me to get all my credits last time.

      • I was more asking about the SkyMall listing saying that the Tab cannot be discounted.
        That does raise another question though: I wonder if they’ll even price match when the item has to be placed in the shopping cart at another site to see the price, due to MAP requirements by the manufacturer. I was considering getting a P&S for myself as part of a multi-item purchase. The Canon SX230 and Nikon S9100 both get great ratings for their price range, but they’re selling for WAY less than the prices on skymall–and MAP rules prevent them from being listed clearly on other sites without doing the whole shopping cart trick.

        • I updated my last comment. The match comes after the fact. Read the terms and conditions on match. Also the promo clearly states they will match per there match terms. (sorry if that sounds silly but they will match after the fact).

  8. A little correction:

    “you are still buying skymiles at $0.007 cents each!”
    should be “7 cents” or “$0.07”

    my eyes popped when I first saw that…

    • No, 25000 / $175 = $0.007
      If you take 7 cents x 25,000 you get $1750
      But now you do understand why this is such a good deal!

  9. So how many Ebay auctions for the Galaxy will there be tomorrow? Over 200? I wouldn’t count on being able to sell in the usual price range if Ebay is flooded with them.

    There is risk that you may not get the amazing deal but something closer to .01 cpm. I do not want to be a buzz-kill, just giving people fair warning on the risk.

    That being said, I still might get in on this offer.

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  11. @deltagoldflyer – considering bestbuy’s 32gb galaxy tab is OOS, do you think skymall will pm to tigerdirect’s $549?

  12. trying the link. but it appears to be broken

    The requested URL /25000 was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request

    • We are not live yet. The 3:AM was not set in stone. Thus the “looks” like. At some point today we are live. I will update!

  13. Galaxy tabs are regularly going on ebay for ~$460. I wouldn’t count on more than 450 from it(-50 for fees and S&H). After pricematch the price would be ~$615. So its 25000 miles for ~215+ hassle. Is it worth it when you can “buy” it at 1.1 cents?

  14. Does anyone know if you use a gift card to partially pay for the order, if that voids it?

  15. I called Skymall and the guy said to go to the only promotion there is 5 delta points for every dollar you spend. He said to call back later when there would be a supervisor on duty.

  16. 6am Eastern Time on 12.1.2011 and the site is currently down for the special link listed above. So either SkyMall has dropped the ball or already 1,000 people have made a $500.00+ purchase on SkyMall.

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say SkyMall has dropped the ball. *roll eyes*

  17. THEsocalledfan Reply

    I fell asleep, but got up to try this. The link is not working. What gives?

  18. Hello DeltaPoints Community,

    We want to thank you for your continued patience in this matter. I wanted to touch base with the community and try to provide up to date and accurate information regarding the promotion as well as clear up and rumors and/or misinformation.

    1. An official promotional email will be sent to our
    customer database with specific instructions on how,
    when,and where to participate in the promotion.
    2. Once the official email has been sent, I will
    simultaneously go on the blogs and post the content
    of the promotional email for those bloggers who may
    not receive the email.
    3. The was information provided on blogs regarding a
    specific launch time for the promotion. At the time
    the information provided was accurate and provided
    by myself. However, after further research and other
    factors that needed to be taken in consideration, we
    made the decision to not launch the promotion at
    midnight. I take full responsibility for the
    miscommunication and misinformation. I sincerely
    apologize to all of you for any inconvenience this
    may have caused. I also want to apologize to the
    wonderful bloggers who have helped spread the word
    on our behalf and have received negative remarks and
    comments as a result. I understand you did not have
    to do this, but you did and put yourself at risk and
    I can not express how grateful we are for your help
    and assistance.

    As a result of recent developments, we will play this promotion by the book and will make sure all communication going out is OFFICIAL. We strive to give everyone a fair chance to participate in this upcoming promotion and make sure that we have staff available to answer all customer service questions/concerns as well as address any technical support questions that may come up as a result of the large amount of expected internet traffic.

    I will attempt to answer all general questions related to customer service and terms and conditions. If you have individual scenario based questions or concerns please email those to and an Airline Program Support Representative will be more than happy to assist you further.

    Once again, I do want to apologize about any inconvenience.

    Thank you,

    Aaron Burnette, Sr
    Airline Program Administrator
    SkyMall, Inc

    • Thank you, Aaron. I wish more programs stressed customer service like you are doing by posting this message. Please keep up the good work! I think it will pay dividends for SkyMall within the FF community.

  19. Just wondering why people seem to be focusing on ebay/paypal as opposed to craigslist/cash. Is it that much safer?

    • Yes – No. Is it safe to have someone you do not know come and bring you cash when they know what you have to sell? I will pay for the safety of the US MAIL. Your call.

  20. Thanks for the update Rene and Aaron – good things come to those who wait! Glad I didn’t get up last night for this though – must get my beauty sleep:)

  21. You can always return the item to SkyMall if it doesn’t sell on ebay ,right?

    • Yes. They do not charge a restock fee but your s&h charge you will not get back and you will have to pay to send them back as well. Plus your miles will go bye bye! All good points to keep in mind if you are going to play this game!

  22. dealswelike Reply

    @DeltaGoldFlyer – You have convinced me to join the fun! Just found a trip where I will use the Delta miles!

  23. Hello – I was looking at your spreadsheet and noticed that you don’t have any gift cards listed which also accrue points if purchased through skymall. Wouldn’t that be an easier method as they ship free?

  24. What do we need for a price match? A link to the site? A screen shot?

  25. Thank you for such a amazing blog. Exactly where else could anyone get that kind of information written in such a perfect way? I have a presentation that I am presently working on, and I have been on the look out for such info

  26. Do you know if SkyMall will notify the individuals who qualify for one of the first 1000 orders?

  27. Curious to know what tax exempt status you have that allows you to buy and re-sell electronics?

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