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There have been some interesting developments over the past few months so I thought I would share some of them you may or may not have seen but could impact your DELTA travel.

Has the new TARMAC rule worked? I was stuck 3.5 hrs on a DL flight this year on the TARMAC and no feds and just $100 compensation!


Speaking of NEWS I hope we all know our CREDIT SCORE number?!? If not you can Get your Credit Score for FREE right now!  Also, there is a very  TARGETED 1000 point bonus  you can TRY with you skymiles number here for e-mails from Delta (let me know if it worked for you please). See you all up in the air – René

What to give away today? I still have one more of the Kool DELTA PGA pins so leave a comment if you want it and I will have a random draw tonight.

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  1. This pin would look great on my cap! 😉

    Are you aware of Delta buying shares from GOL Airlines?

    What would you guess would be the implications for FFs of both programs?

  2. Airlines are an industry that survives off of their ancillary revenues. Hopefully as they roll in fees and gauge consumer responses there can be an equilibrium btwn good for the airline and good for the flyer.

  3. getting a chance to play Pebble Beach next year and this pin would be a great addtiion to my wardrobe there.

  4. its getting more frustrating to enjoy flying, but im still keeping a positive outlook and hope it’ll all turn back around towards true customer service one again. Thanks!

  5. Like golf; never can land on the pin; here’s to hoping that will, figuratively, change. -Thanks for the news watch as well.

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