Are you earning 2 “points” each time you fly Delta Airlines? Don’t miss out.

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So this program is not for everyone. Do you own or run a small or medium size business? If you do, you may be missing out on Delta points. Why?

SKYBONUS! Have you ever heard of it? It is the revenue based reward points that gives you points concurrently with Skymiles, that is you can earn both each time you fly.

This is the way it works. Based on how much you spend for your ticket and what class you fly, you get Skybonus points (You earn either 3, 6,10 or 30 points per dollar. The site is very rudimentary but it works. It does  give you the chance to double dip each paid for flight  with Delta).

What do I need to do to be a part of this? You need a federal tax id number for your company. You can also just be a sole proprietor according to many readers but you can click here and read more about what is needed.

What can I get?  A bunch of stuff  like upgrades, free flights and even Skyclub passes ( thus my giveaways as of late btw ).

You can even earn more for car rentals etc with the program and the maybe 2 or 3 or 4 dip each rental!

So if you can join this – there is  a “training” course  on the site where you can quickly earn 2000 points:

And just  like I bogged about  you have to MANUALLY sign up for most Delta bonus offers  here as well . Many times you can earn 2x or 3x Skybonus points on flights.

There is an “official”  Delta Youtube clip  about Skybonus you may enjoy. Have fun and join in the fun if you have your own company and are accepted by Delta. – René

MORE FREE points – with this promo you should have by now earned  2000  free DELTA points in your account now. Follow this link, enter your Skymiles number at Fedex, then login with your existing Fedex ID (if you did this before) and you can then get 500 MORE points. If you have never done this you still can get 500 points. Also be sure to keep in mind the  3 other ways  to earn 500 points!

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  1. Are you sure you can’t register with SSN? I am a sole proprietor and I have a SkyBonus account. I don’t have a separate tax ID for my business.

  2. what is the car rental 3 dip or 4 dip tricks? I know at least hertz will only let you choose in between miles or points, not both. So even with skybonus, it’s only double dip?

  3. Well sorta. You get skybonus, skymiles (if you pick that as you point out) and if you then pay with DELTA amex you are 3x-ing it! To get 4 there would have to be a promo running! – Rene

  4. @booyaa just log in to your skybonus account, click on “your sky bonus” at the top, pick “add tickets” from the drop down.
    Also, go into your Delta Skymiles profile and add your Skybonus number and it will automatically add your Skybonus number to any new flights.

  5. Data point – I signed up yesterday, and was approved today for my sole proprietor consulting business. Using my ssn.

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