KNOW Delta? How about a pop quiz? Are you smarter than a phone rep + win free coupons!

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So Diamond’s, Platinum’s and Gold’s ( OK everyone else too ) – you think you know Delta right? You know all about your airline right? Since the rules have been changing this year and more changes start on the 15th of this month, let’s just see how good “you” are with a pop quiz. Don’t cheat and look down but see how you do on these!

Q1 – If you are issued a ETV ( electronic travel voucher ) for a bump or something how long do you have to spend it?
A. 6 months
B. 12 months
C. 18 months
D. 24 months

Q2 – When you spend an ETV you must complete travel?
A. Within 1 year of issue date
B. Up to 1 year after you spend the ETV
C. Within 2 years of issue date of the ETV

Q3 – When you spend an ETV you will?
B. Earn MQM’s
C. Both A & B
D. None of the above

Q4 – What is the maximum weight a bag can be without extra cost traveling coach domestically?
A. 42 lbs
B. 50 lbs
C. 70 lbs

Q5 – What is the maximum weight a bag can be without extra cost traveling coach internationally?
A. 42 lbs
B. 50 lbs
C. 70 lbs

Q6 – When traveling with Golf clubs or other sports equipment the max weight is 70lbs?
A. True
B. False

Q7 – When traveling with Skis you can check 2 bags for the price of 1?
A. True
B. False

Q8 – A woman may have a carry-on bag and a purse, but a man may not?
A. True
B. False

Q9 – When there is a schedule change what is the minimum departure or arrival time difference for you to have a no fee change of flights domestically?
A. 30 min
B. 60 min
C. 90 min
D. 2 hrs

Q10 – At what medallion level do you qualify for upgrade on a points ticket?
A. Silver
B. Gold
C. PM or DM
D. All of the above

So let’s see how you did. Each question is worth 1 point. So as long as you did not miss more than 3 you pass. Just!





The answer are:
1 B – You have 1 year from the date of issue to spend the ETV.
2 C – You have up to 2 years to complete travel from date of issue of the ETV.
3 C – ETV’s spend just like CASH. So you earn everything!
4 B – 1 bag $25 / 50 lbs – Medallions* 2 bags up to 70lbs each
* Silver Medallions must have AMEX card also to get 2 bags 70lbs in USA
5 B – 1 bag free/50lbs but Medallions 1 bag (Europe, 2 other) up to 70lbs
6 False – the 50 lbs rule still applies EVEN FOR MEDALLIONS (same Q7)
7 True – you can check ski bag+boot bag both count as 1 but total 50 lbs max
8 False – You may carry on 1 bag + 1 personal item no charge male or female
9 C – 90 minutes is the time to live by. More that that you can change free
10B & C – Only Silver do not get upgrades on points tickets, so keep flying or get a DELTA RESERVE card !


Now these are the Delta rules for checked baggage and for carry on baggage as well as for sports equipment. But, as we know, anyone can override these if they want even when it comes to refunds and changes to a ticket. Also know many times in Europe and abroad the 50lbs rule will be imposed on medallions even when it should not be as well as a 20 pound carry-on rule plus size-wise restrictions! Lastly there are a boatload of exceptions due to when you purchased your ticket so you may want to print this page if you fall under those dates to show the agent when you check in if they want to charge you extra!

So how did you do. Be honest. Tell me what you got and you have a chance to win 2 more DELTA drink coupons today. – René

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  1. I got two wrong, Just read about the new the silver medallion bag limit, and on the email it says after January 1 bag at 70 pounds for free.

  2. HI Cyndi – yep starts tomorrow “officially”. There are some exclusions but bottom line is SM’s now need a AMEX DELTA card to be a full “member” of the medallion club. Hey, my GOLD card link only requires $500 spend to get the card and 30k skymiles btw – ( I know shamless plug – bad blogger – bad! ) – Rene

  3. only 6 segments from gold, so should have it by March. Unfortunately done travelling for the year!

  4. I think your answer to #5 is wrong — Medallions no longer get 70lbs internationally (with the exception of some markets). This was changed this year, without a lot of fanfare (as Delta is wont to do).

    The 70 lb limit was a big deal for me as I sometimes take my Bike Friday folding bike to Europe for tours. I can get it below 50lbs but I have to put some tools and accessories in my other bag. I much prefer to put them with the bike which takes the weight up to about 55-56 lbs.

  5. Hi Fred – I have now called 2x times, once doing this post, and now again today to Medallion line and have confirmed 70lbs for ALL levels of Medallion you get 1x bag 70LBS to Europe in coach ( but note only 1x bag so I will change the answer that from 2 to 1 bag ). That was the change from 2 to 1 bag this year you are talking about. Txs – we are all still learning – Rene

  6. I got 3 wrong. Never travel with golf clubs or skis and even has a GM I haven’t had any schedule changing issues. I should probably learn those rules though.

  7. I got 8/10……scary I think. The hard part is trying to, nicely, explain the rules to a Delta employee who is giving you the wrong ones

  8. 8 right, not too bad! I’m beating myself up for the ski question, but in mydefense, I live in Miami 🙂

  9. I missed #9 – never had to deal with schedule changes like this.

    What do you think the average Delta rep would score?

  10. I got 6 right and I am not status….answering and racking my brain sure did make me thirsty! 😉

  11. Hi Chris – I will be sure to buy you a drink and invite you into the sky club next time we both fly! – I already have a winner but wait till Saturday – YOU WILL LOVE IT!

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