My credit is “not so good”! How do I get in on these points deals? What do I do?

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Best Credit Cards

Almost every day I have an email or talk to someone about points and all the great deals that are out there and how they can not get them due to bad credit. Many many times it is not their fault. Things happen in life that are truly beyond our control. So what can be done to rebuild your credit so you too can enjoy all these deals? Look at this from the Orchard Bank site site:

“It is our goal to offer you the credit card that best fits your credit profile based on your consumer credit report and other information you provide us. You may be offered a secured or unsecured credit card which will be disclosed before your application is processed.”

Most understand that credit cards are only a small part of the total credit equation. Home, car and other loans are a large part of the mix. Making payments ON TIME is a HUGE part. Also making, yes making, the time to look at your credit score and record. You do NOT have to pay for this. You can get your  credit score FREE right here . Also, each year you can request a full copy of your credit report from the 3 major credit agency’s. I suggest you space them out over the year that way you could get 3 a year for free.  Here is the link  for what I am talking about btw.

Once you have the report please look it over very carefully. If there is information that is wrong – FIX IT. Call and write to the agency’s and clear misinformation up and or fix what you need to fix to get your score up. As Rick always tells us, “your credit is one of your most import assents”! You will be surprised how fast your score can rise and you’ll be ready to play this crazy game we play. – René

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Best Credit Cards


  1. Personally, I would say that very, very rarely is bad credit NOT the fault of the person, not the other way around.

  2. Mostly I agree. But there are times when divorce, death, job loss etc can turn someone with perfect credit to bad. If someone just does not pay and runs up bills they can not pay, sure, you are spot on! – Rene

  3. The orchard credit card is subprime and a horrible and expensive idea. Further, the link for a “credit score” you provided is not a FICO score and therefore not even directionally accurate. Someone with poor credit wold be better off with a secured card from a credit union that does not carry so many fees. Shame on you for hocking bad information to make a buck.

  4. Justin – wow did you miss the point of my post. First off to each his own. What I have found is that many who have bad credit do nothing to improve it. They do not check their score at all, and I think CS does a good job for free. Also, very few do take advantage of the FULL FREE 100% accurate reports they can get 3x times a year. As to getting a card from a credit union, that is great if they CAN get it. If they can not I feel, and yes at a cost, Orchard is a way to get back on the road to good credit! – Rene

  5. I apologize that my comment tone was harsh. I agree that one does need to check their credit. However, both of your links appear to be commissioned. Further, the Orchard card in particular is an expensive option. If the true intent of your post was to offer a means to better credit, I believe it’d be most helpful to point out better CC options for the reader, not merely an expensive, subprime solution. As stated in my first comment, credit unions are typically the best option for those with poor credit.

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