Get $300+ dining credit for $12.50 – here is how to do it to save big bucks eating out!

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This is no secret but when it comes to points and savings, extra steps can save you a ton. Let me explain. Most of us know often has 80% 90% off codes several times a year. But look at this, if you start at eBates you can get an extra 30% cash + $5.00 if you are new to This is on top of any off discount code currently running ( “HOLIDAY” “JOY is the current 80% 90% off code after you join eBates search for!)

So let me break this down step by step.

1) Use this link and you and I BOTH get $5.00 back when
you spend $25 ( not just one $25 coupon)
2) After that, always START at eBates* to buy restaurant certificates
3) Search for
4) Get 30% whatever you buy in certificates
5) Apply whatever code they are using currently ( today JOY HOLIDAY )

So look how frugally you can eat out when you travel: If you spend $25( – $7.50 (30% cash back) – $5.00 sign-up bonus) = $12.50 all-in What that gets you is 6 or 7 certificates worth OVER $300.00 in dining discounts!

More things to keep in mind is these certificates NEVER expire. You can trade them in again and again and again if you do not use them. Here’s what I do: I look at where I am going on vacations. I select and print a bunch in different denominations where I am going. If I don’t use them or like the place then when I get home I turn them back in and use them another time!

It is just that simple everyone. It really is. Yes, most of the time the 18% tip (pre-discount) is built into your final bill but if you are not tipping the staff at least that much anyway you should not be eating out!

I hope you try this as I love this program and use it every time I go anywhere – René

I have a few more Awardwallet plus codes so leave a comment and I will giveaway 2 of them today!

* Why do I use eBates when a few other sites pay a little more %%%% back? They are trusted, reliable and pay unlike many others I have found don’t!

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World MasterCard®
Earn 2x miles
on All Purchases

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  1. nice advice. and i only thought was only good for grand slam……love awardwallet too!

  2. How do you turn them back in? I have a few really old ones, that are no longer near where I live, so would love to get rid of them.

  3. Hi Ted – turn them back in and get another coupon for another place for the same amount no cost. So a $25 for say Chicago can become a $25 for Salt Lake. 🙂

  4. Agreed with deltagoldflyer … just call and they will take care of changing the details. They are very liberal in their policies. I’m also interested in Award Wallet code, if any left 😉

  5. ok, I’m willing to give this a try. I live in NYC but will be in houston at the end of the month… guess its time to do some research. sometimes i’m grand at planning, but poor at execution of ideas.

    thank you delta points.

  6. appears to be having trouble processing the Promo codes. When I type in “JOY” from the checkout page, the website does nothing. If you copy the link text for the “apply” button, this is what you get:


  7. I had used in the past and researched best ways to use them. This post has had the best explanation and insight (never knew one could exchange for another one). Great going Rene!

  8. has the best customer service. I have been using them since they launched. I always purchase many certificates for my travel destination and if I do my use them I call to have them exchange it into a credit. Credits and certificates DO NOT expire.

  9. Alright, it worked when I used IE instead of Firefox.

    At checkout, there is an offer for $10 off a $25 gift certificate. With the promo code applied, the price of the certificate becomes $1.50. Seems like a good deal!

  10. I always compare the listing of restaurants and the rewardsnetwork list so I can dine at a restaurant that participates in BOTH so I can also earn miles on the dining program!

  11. Nice! seems to be timing out on me today. You must have pushed too many people their way! 😉

  12. Maybe – just don’t know. Try and let us know. I always just buy a bunch for local and for trips as I go so many places. I also always go to Chicago so can’t go wrong with a bunch there for me – TXS – Rene

  13. Hey Rene – also if your favorite restaurant gets sold out of certificates (happens fast during this sale) you can buy an egift card for a little bit more ($1.50 with promo code but before Ebates rebate) and hang onto it until next month when your fav restaurant gets new certs reloaded.

  14. We shall find out! I orerede $800 worth. I mean my max downside if the ebates don’t work and they are completely worthless is $32!!! crazy…..

  15. I have used eBates for years. They are great and customer service is unmatched. You can trust them. That is why I use them – well done! – Rene ( PS my math after rebate and $5.00 bonus puts you ALL-IN at $17.40 ) How sweet is that for $800?!?

  16. Please enter me for the award wallet drawing. Thanks!
    PS-do you have a saved screen shot for the galaxy tab at $549? I sent in a request (link), but there seems to be some trouble on their end (still trying to figure out what happened) and I did not save my link (rookie mistake I know, now all know all about taking and saving screenshots) Anyway, I thought I would ask in case I need to send them proof again. Thanks!

  17. Just went in for 2250 worth of egift certificates …. we will see if this works out. I figure that it is worth the $70 risk after the erebates. Now the question do you have any babysitters that I can earn miles with? I guess I will have to pay them in Amex gift cards 🙂

  18. @ Jim – I love the way you think – points points points – i jumped in for round 2 tonight and got another $300 more of all kinds. Just love this. You know the best part of this, and I hate to put this in print, that I tell friends about this and tell them we spit the bill with what is left over, and then I use my DELTA AMEX card and get miles and they give me cash. I almost feel bad….. nah…. points points points…

  19. Can you combine eBates with any “double point” shoping mall for credit cards? Either Chase Sapphire or some other mileage earning card?

  20. Hi Gabe – no I wish. The way it works, to be sure you get credit, is clear your cookies and cashe and start at eBates to get the 30% cash back. You can get some points for paying with a points card but not what you want. And if you try the other way you will get one or the other credit but not both. – Rene

  21. Maybe Chase considers this “Dining.” Either way, 7 $100 certificates for $28 dollars works out well.

  22. Hi Rene,

    Can you help explain how “..So look how frugally you can eat out when you travel: If you spend $25( – $7.50 (30% cash back) – $5.00 sign-up bonus) = $12.50 all-in What that gets you is 6 or 7 certificates worth OVER $300.00 in dining discounts!…”
    If you buy a $25 certificate, that probably allows you to buy $50 worth of meal, how does that equate to $300 worth of dining discounts?
    How do you get 6 or 7 certificates? Didn’t you just buy that “one” $25 certificate?


  23. OK here is the math. Right now most $25 certs cost $10 pre discount. After 90% off code they are $1.00. After eBates 30% off they each cost just 70 cents. Clear?

    You must spend $25 ( not one cert but REAL $25) to get the $5.00 bonus back from eBates. So, if you buy 25x$1=$25 cost in certs. $25×25=$625.00 in value. 2x what I said actually.

    So you spent $25 in certs and now get 30% cash back at eBates = $7.5 and since you spent $25 you also get the $5.00 bonus.

    Thus $25-7.5-5=$12.50!

    Got it?


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