Q&A why the restaurant.com deal is so good right now – 1 more day only!

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Business Credit Cards

There has been some reader confusion about this deal and how it works. So let me show the math!

Right now most $25 certs cost $10 pre discount. After 90% off code they are $1.00. After eBates 30% off they each cost just 70 cents. Clear?

You must spend $25 ( not one cert but REAL $25) to get the $5.00 bonus back from eBates. So, if you buy:

25x$1=$25 cost in certs. $25×25=$625.00 in value. 2x what I said actually.

(If you want you could also buy $475 worth of e-Gift certs as you see below)

So you spent $25 in certs and now get 30% cash back at eBates = $7.5 and since you spent $25 you also get the $5.00 new user bonus.

Thus $25-7.5-5=$12.50 cost to GET up to $625 in food discounts!

Got it? Today Saturday is the LAST day for this deal- René

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  1. Hi,

    What is the code for $1 gift cert of $25? IS the promo still valid? Thanks so much for sharing.


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