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Best Credit Cards

As we approach the end of 2011, I am very pleased with my points totals tracked with Awardwallet. Sitting over 2 million points is just great and I went 100% approvals on all my credit card churns. My highlights, that I would not have had the chance to get had I not been churning, were the extra 100k from Chase Sapphire Preferred® bump this summer, the blizzard of AMEX bump codes, the 220,000 from Capital One match the points and many more small ones. Now what cards do I have in my wallet normally? One I always keep I want to focus on next.

Many in the “blogosphere” are all over the many ways to get tons of points with Chase via the Ultimate Rewards Mall and they are right, there are many great opportunities. But here is the thing, I don’t need to spend the kind of money they do just buying stuff. However, I can still get a bunch of points with this card: The Case Freedom Card.

In the days of 50,000 point bonus deals this $200 cash back offer is not much to get all worked up about. But, keep in mind, they pay a bonus of 5% on different things each quarter of the year up to $1500 in spend. The first part of the year is GAS and Amazon.com . If  you do end up spending that much in 3 months you would earn 7500 UR points each quarter + $200 cash back to start! As I mentioned I use this card and I signed up for the text alert for each new bonus so I just text back to them and am signed up for each new bonus! Keep in mind, if you meet the spend each quarter of the year, an extra 30,000 points in Ultimate Rewards points is enough for a free coach class ticket on United or if you send them to British and use them on AA, for me, that gets me 1.5x trips ORD-SLC to ski (only 20k Avios points under the new system from BA). All this for normal spend I would do anyway. I like points I don’t have to work extra for.

Points do add up so think about this one if you are going to do a card “churn” soon, I hope you can look at this and maybe the one’s below – Rene

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Best Credit Cards


  1. Can you sign up for the Freedom card after you have received the Sapphire card bonus? Or would you rather apply for this card first?

  2. Mr Delta,
    Can you clarify: do you receive the $200 cash back and the 30,000 points with approved application? Is it one or the other? I have the Sapphire already, and I’d like to top off the points in MR balance.


  3. Hi Robert. You get the $200 after $500 in spend. Each quarter of the year, different items you can earn the 5% bonus on. So, IF, you spend $1500 each quarter on THOSE items, you get the full 7500 point bonus for the quarter. You still can get 1x point for other spend or spend over $1500. By YEAR END then, you could earn 30,000 points that yes you can send to your other UR ( NOT MR that is AMEX ) account you want.

  4. Wow I wish I hadn’t recently stocked up on Chase (Personal SW RR and Business SW RR) because I spend a ton with Amazon, and the $1500/qtr would be easy for Q1. Think there’s still a chance for me to call in and get it despite getting a Chase card in Nov and a Chase Business card in December?

    Finally I’d still recommend the shopping malls. I always thought they were a PITA but now I have plenty of points through them. I have a few thousand Hawaiian miles now due to Amazon purchases, and I also have racked up about a thousand UR pts from Eddie Bauer. It’s really quite easy to go on EvReward.com and find the best rewards for each store.

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