Today is a post that puts fear in the hearts of almost everyone!

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I have worked in the tech industry for the better part of 20 years. I have run my own company for over 17 years. So, I sorta know tech.

One thing you will find when you are traveling and, say, log in to your bank or ebay or most secure sites is that they “freak” out as your “IP” or computer address is NOT the same as you normally use from home. If you are on the other side of the planet, most of the time security bells and whistles go off like crazy and shut you down until you call or enter a code or whatever. Now this is done to safeguard you, so what can you do to work around this.

Here is what I do and you can too for FREE. It is safe and it works. Note this is not for those who only have 1 laptop and that is it. If you have a PC at home and then use a tablet or laptop on the road, you will love this.

Look at this product, again it is free for the basic program.

With this product you can load it on your home PC and then run your home PC from anywhere in the world like you are sitting at home (yes you must leave your PC on while you travel). So, all the passwords, logins and IP address ID’s remain the same since all your banks think you are still at home. I just love this. I use it all the time.

Now some words of waring. Your password for this software better be really good. It better have upper and lower case letters, some numbers and a symbol too. It would also be a good idea to NOT have your laptop ‘remember’ the password in case it were to become lost or stolen. Remember you are getting full access to your home PC. Clear?

What other reasons to have this? Let’s say you forgot something like a confirmation, or a document or whatever, you login and email it to yourself where you are.

So take a look at this free product and see if you don’t love it too! – René

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  1. “Complex passwords are good” is a very common statement and is is not completely correct. They’re better than simple words in a children’s dictionary, which are better than the top 10 (password, secret, 12345, admin, etc).

    Complexity is a function of entropy, or the ability to add confusion and make guessing impossible.

  2. I’ve been using Logmein for several years, and absolutely LOVE IT! I pay bills and can balance my expense account from the hotel and not have to worry about transmitting my banking data over the hotel wireless. I can get from any PC to my office PC, my home laptop and if I ever lose it, my work laptop too.

  3. Is this more or less secure than other programs such as Splashtop? Does it work with other OS, such as WebOS or BlackBerry tablets?

  4. I was almost through with the installation, and got to a point that said my computer is configured to go to sleep after 30 minutes of no activity, which I am aware of. To use this service, I would have to leave my computer on the entire time I would be away. I’m not sure that I want to do this. Is leaving your computer on not a problem to anyone else?

  5. Hi RIchard – there are ways to have it wake up your system but for me I want performance out of my PC so even when at home mine never goes to sleep. That is just me but your call 100%. No way telling you what to do. I love this product and it is free! Rene

  6. Apart from Logmein, tools like Splashtop, gotomypc, bomgar, R-HUB etc. can be used for remotely accessing computers.

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