Q&A on the way & update on 25,000 Skymiles Skymall deal points soon to post

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I am still working on all the Q&A from yesterday and will have them up at some point today but  for now I did get this update from Aaron from Skymall about Decembers 25k deal. The points are on the way soon it would seem!

[they will post the] “last week of January up to the first week of February. Miles typically post after 60 days after the order date to allow for returns etc.

So the wait is almost over for our points and this is the same timetable as it was last round! Price match last time took another 2 weeks if I remember right on top of that – René

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  1. Thanks Rene! I received my price match already, which is great! Able to sell 3 samsung tablets on ebay already and now just trying to unload the 4th!

    Already able to use 2 25K miles for tickets to Utah, which ended up netting me about $150 each! Let’s just hope the snow comes soon!

  2. @ Daniel – I don’t think there will be. There will be other promo’s soon from what I hear that could be even more KOOL! 😉 Just have to keep read’in the blog to find out – Rene

  3. Odd that I haven’t received any notice on the status of my pricematch after repeated attempts to get in touch with the team at SkyMall yet others have already gotten their pricematches.

  4. @ Jackson – be sure you email Aaron direct and be sure you use an approved seller for the match. That has worked for other and me. Even if it takes time they will make it right. They always do!

  5. I emailed Aaron a week ago with no response. I gave them links from Best Buy and Amazon and no confirmation email.

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