So we fly Delta – how will the new law affect the way we look at price per ticket?

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from the Spirit Web site

Boy has the new rule made a ton of people or  companys  either mad or  happy. Now I have never ever been on a Spirit plane nor do I ever plan on ever getting on one. I hate that they charge more than Ryan air even does for everything. I bet if they had the oxygen mask deployed in an emergency situation, they would ask for your credit card “before you assisted someone else traveling with you!”

I decided to jump on Delta and see what a trip to see my mom in Sweden would price out at and look what I found:

Wow only $223 round trip South Bend to Gothenburg Sweden! Really? But is Delta doing a “Spirit Air” move and hiding income in the cost breakdown? Look at the International Surcharge line. That is not a “tax”. This goes to Delta to cover fuel costs.  Hummm… And Delta many times accuses us “travel hackers” of gaming the system?

Every single day I see more and more reasons to collect points and the value of points. And when noted travel advocates are telling people points are worthless or worse  it make me even more happy that you and I get this game and will be “turning left” as we enter the plane for our next flight hopefully for FREE! – René

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  1. Just out of curiosity I did the math to convert into percentages.

    Out of the $799.20 TOTAL FARE (rounding up) we get:

    Base Fare: 28 %
    Animal & Plant Fee: .6 %
    Passenger Facility Charge: 1.7 %
    Int’l Surcharge: 60 %
    Custom User Fee: .7 %
    Sept 11 Fee: .9 %
    Immigration Fee: .9 %
    Other Taxes: 7.7%

  2. I’ve noticed that line on DL’s fare breakdown as well. What chafes me even more is that DL calls it “International Surcharge”, like there’s some sort of tax for traveling abroad. If you look at their explanation of fees/taxes, (so explanation of explanation of sorts), it shows that this is YQ. Dirty.

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