Have you seen this Frequent Flyer short movie? Check it out. Fun stuff

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Last week Million Mile Secrets had a  post about film producer Gabriel Leigh’s  plans to make a full length movie about us crazy points collectors and frequent flyers. He is almost at his goal to make the movie. If you have not seen the short version, click the picture below to see the short video:

He only needs a few bucks more to be funded (click to find out how much more). If you pledge, the funds will be distributed to him on the 3rd of February. Any donation and you will be listed in the credits for supporting his project. I think it is kool and have sent him a few bucks to support the project. – René

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  1. MSPDeltaDude

    No way it can be better then “Up in the Air”

  2. interested

    what happens if they dont hit 15000$ will i get money back or what will happen?

  3. @ Interested – yes. They do not run the charge until 03FEB2012 and only then if he gets the total funds to do the project. – Rene

  4. Hi Rene. Sorry to reply here but thanking you again for the tip on adding a stop-over or open-jaw to an award reservation. BTW, why do award tickets on DL have over $400 in taxes when originating in Europe but not when originating from US? Got to PM this year, but have not taken a flight in 2012. I’m getting serious withdrawal. I need my Delta fix very soon!! 🙂

  5. @Winston – don’t get me started on the Euro-vs-usa tax. My USA-Sweden cost $100 but to get my mom Sweden-USA $500 in biz. Ugg. Thanks so much for the kind words and for supporting the blog- Rene

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