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Canada – our Frequent Flyers up north are ignored no more by!

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EDIT: This page will now be the home of the Canada points card. I will edit this post now and then with new updates to cards!

 Below are some of the best CANADA RESIDENTS ONLY points cards you can get to build your million+ miles accounts. I do get a referral credit for them but will only post the best deals available. If I see a better deal in the market I will post that in the main blog page or here – even if I get no credit – I want you to get the best deal out there however YMMV (your miles may vary) on the “not my link” cards! Also, if you see a better points deal, please let me know and I will post it ASAP. As a wise man once said: “your credit is one of your most important assets” so PLEASE treat it as such!


25,000 point
MBNA Alaska Airlines MasterCard®
credit card is – HERE


20,000 point
MBNA Best Western MasterCard®
credit card is – HERE



24,000 point
MBNA Choice Privileges MasterCard®


25,000 point
Delta SkyMiles® World MasterCard®
Capital One® Canada




  1. Greatly appreciated. Looking forward to some of your analysis if you decide to do any 🙂

  2. I like the idea, but I am not sure you’re being honest. The SPG Amex is either 20K if you are referred or, otherwise, 15K and first year free right now. I think that’s a better deal than the non-free card you are referring people to.

  3. Are there any good cc promos with sign up bonuses in Canada for early 2013? Please respond if you know of any pretty good point bonuses. They seemed to have dried up in Canada. Still want to get a Canadian bank issued Hilton CC.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  4. Thanks Rene…been kind of sparse lately. I hate spnding big when it does not really count towards a “spend”!

  5. Still hoping for some new Canadian offers. BTW you are doing a great job. I try and read your blog most days eventhough you are mainly for U.S. readers. Thanks!

  6. Still waiting for a great credit card offer for 2013 in Canada…any updates?

  7. Any luck on finding any new Canadian sign up offers? I am more than ready for a new churn….I spoke with Chase Canada as I already have a Marriott Reward Visa. She said they are working on an offer but she told me same thing two months ago. I asked if maybe a Hilton Hotel card…she would not say… only that by end of year. Her answer was “end of quarter” in early March. Do you know anything? Also wish we could get the Club Carlson credit card..any ideas there?

  8. Nope, no Club Carlson, Hilton, or Hyatt visa here.
    If there was a Hilton visa it would be issued by AMEX as Chase does not partner with Hilton. I am really hoping for a Hyatt visa issued by Chase Canada though!

  9. Anyone know of any real good sign up credit card offers right now in Canada? any hotel cards? 2013 has been pretty slim for bonus sign ups here.


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