Some tips for what to do when a flight delay occurs to you – my advice “protect” yourself!

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There are some great advantages of being GM or higher in Delta Status and the AMEX Reserve or Platinum (Delta) cards can help you get there. With status, you can call the medallion line and most of the time they will answer on the first ring or your hold time will be less than 1 minute even in the middle of a snow storm or any other crisis.

But what if you’re Silver or just a standard skymiles member. What can you do and are you left out in the cold? First you must read my post about Twitter with @DeltaAssist as you can get almost the same service as GM or higher with them. Almost.

So let’s say you are waiting for your flight and you have no plane at your gate and it is time to board. What do you do? What I do is this. I check with my Samsung Galaxy 2s what other flights there are to get me home. Many times I have in advance printed the routes to get home so I know what is possible. Then, I call and ask the agent to “protect” me on another flight that will work for me. What this does is this: once your flight “cancels” you already have your name on the list to get you home. You then call back and ask them to confirm you on the flights you are already protected on.

So next time the crowd is rushing up to cue in line at the desk, you just relax, call or tweet, and then go to any printer in the airport and get your new boarding pass and go on your way! – Rene


Today I give away  5  free codes for 6 months of free PLUS service at Award Wallet Plus. I want to know YES or NO if you use twitter and have @DeltaAssist following you yet. This is a GREAT service from Delta so please sign up if you have not.



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  1. I’m confused. How does Amex Plat help me with status on Delta? I have a Samsung Galaxy 2S too, what a great phone. Switched from the iphone and never looked back.
    Don’t twitter, already spend too much time on my computer/smart phone. Thanks but I already have Award Wallet Plus. Can’t believe there are people who are serious about all things ff and they don’t have Award Wallet (Plus).

  2. I completely agree; I do this all the time, but as a Diamond Medallion member, I’ll always call the DM line. I am not yet on Twitter…I’m trying to hold off as long as I can!

  3. Just started using twitter to follow some of my favorite bloggers. Still trying to figure it out completely!

  4. @Acker – confused? You should be. My bad wording. I should have and have added DELTA Plat not std AMEX plat. The Delta Plat does give you 5k mqm + more with spend! Rene

  5. YES, I follow you on twitter, and YES, I love delta assist. They are very quick to respond. I am a silver medallion, and have also found (most of) the agents at the silver dedicated line helpful. If you are using GOGO in flight and see a problem with a connection, its good to contact delta assist in advance of landing. I also used delta assist last week to ask what to do when because a person next to me refused to turn off his kindle at take-off….

  6. no, not on twitter yet, but have called the silver line, unfortunately even though the gate agent was rebooking 17 people with connecting flights, the status of the flight was not changed to delayed, so the silver line member was not helpful. Kept telling me it is on time, despite the fact that I was standing in a line full of people, and that the agent called us up to get rebooked.

  7. No.

    p.s. are the 6 month codes good for AwardWallet accounts that previously obtained free PLUS status?

  8. @ Samuel – if you have PLUS now no. I pay the $20 a year for the plus and love the card you get with your choice of account numbers. great to have them in “real” wallet IMO. Real value. Rene

  9. I do tweet – semi regularly and both follow and am followed by @DeltaAssist. I’m PM but find the twitter account to be very responsive.

  10. Yes I have twitter and @Deltaassist follows me. It is the one of the greatest customer service improvements I have ever seen. Very quick response time and they have always fixed my problem and always a ‘Thank You’, etc.

  11. NO

    but I need to start doing more w Twitter. I signed on last year to get tweets from Brian at TPG.

  12. Just asked Delta Assist to “follow” me — thanks for the great advice! Learning a lot of helpful tips for Delta (and FF in general)!

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