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There is always a flood of news about Delta. Much of it does not affect us, but some of it does. Here are some news items that you may find interesting, disturbing and good to know about!

  •  I have not taken a stand or posted much about Delta buying AA and the former Delta COO would seem to agree with me that this will not happen.
  • If you fly to Europe you know summer is the time for strikes. It is sorta like fresh strawberries or the like. They come each season and have the same anticipation each year ( can you feel the irony in my voice? ) Well like spring they are starting early this year it would seem.
  • I feel for those with mental problems, even attorney’s, but the part that upsets me is the very last paragraph. See if you do not agree! 🙁
  • Kenya Airways is a skyteam partner that has awards to some very hard to get to places. It would be good for them to make some money.
  • Are you waiting for a tax refund? Delta is getting a BIG REFUND from DTW!
  • It cost more with the down size to fly out of CVG. But as I talked about the other day, that could mean better upgrade chances with less people due to higher cost!

So that wraps up this week’s news. Tomorrow I will have a digital treat for anyone who wants it and answer the question that has been asked about how I keep track of doing everything I should do before I fly. I hope you like it.


Gary from  “View From the Wing” had a good post yesterday about the value of  this card and not just for the points! At some point over the next few months as Continental Airlines goes away and becomes United, the Chase Continental card will go away too. If you want this and are thinking about a card churn, you still have time to get this card and the bonus if you have never had it! And I thank you so very much for supporting the blog and starting with my links! – René


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  1. Sorry, but that is just shameless credit card shilling. This is a blog about Delta, why are you pushing a credit card that is branded by a competing airline? Also, why are you asking people to use your link when you are directing people to the other blog to read the value of the card (and he has his own link). That is just greed on your part – some of the cards you have links for do not have even a remote connection to Delta.

  2. @Bobh – I collect points on all programs. If you read my post from yesterday you will see I have my first ever trip on Lufthansa on the way. Yes 95% of all my flights are on Delta. I am a Delta focused blog. But I will help readers with any deals I think are good and that I have done myself in the past ( my wife has and I had the card ). Readers can support the blog or go to Garys ( I put the link up that takes you to his site as you can see ) and use his or mine. It is up to the readers. Lastly I put it at the bottom under the post so as not to detract from the post. Thanks for reading the blog! – Rene

  3. i thought that if you get the continential card right now, you are not eligible for the united bonus in the future? is that correct? (i know they are different product, but i remember reading this somewhere).

  4. Some say yes some say no. I have got both and both bonus points. The current united card is a “NEW” United card most are stating and some say you can even cancel the old United Card and get the new! – Rene

  5. Why do these people hate on bloggers for pushing credit cards? Last time I checked you aren’t required to read the blogs! It’s there web page and they can do what they want with it.

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