Non-Medallion members can now purchase “preferred” seats 24 hours prior to departure

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So tell me. What do you think. Will you be willing as a non-medallion Delta Air Lines flyer to fork over more cash to get an exit row seat or an aisle or window and pay for it on EACH segment for a fee? Delta thinks you will.

Now I can not even imagine not having some level of status with my beloved airline.  On a CRJ 100/200 exit row is a joke. All the seats stink. Now on the CRJ 900 the exit row or the front row in coach is very nice. On a trip of over 2 hours I would pay for the leg room if I had to.

So I think this will be a winner for Delta and a work-a-round to the new laws on fees as this is not required and you will get a seat of some kind if you do not use this marketing bonanza!


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  1. I like the new graphics. If u need art work done, let me know. My gf works for a big magazine company doing that in nyc

  2. In addition to the better seat, do you get any access to the elite TSA line and/or get to board early? Or, are you only paying for the seat?

  3. A bit bummed that they would offer my beloved 10C to non-medallions. I almost never get upgraded on the evening 737-800 from JFK-SEA. 10C/D isn’t a bad consolation prize and even if it’s not available when I reserve my seats I can usually snag it 24 hours prior. I’d pay extra for it.

  4. I thought they had been doing this for at least a couple months now. In any event, I will not be paying for these seats since I know a secret for getting them for free 🙂

  5. Hm, I didn’t realize that wasn’t already the case. So does that mean when I log in to select seats and there are a LOT of empty “preferred seats” that there generally aren’t many other medallion members on the flight yet?

  6. I always select my seat with the help of at booking. I only change it after purchase when I get upgraded. How’s pre-check expanding to non-medallions when it’s not even available to this medallion yet?

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