Reader question – how do you remember to do all of this before you fly Delta Air Lines?

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What a great question this is that I get all the time. How do you remember to do all the stuff talked about in the TopTips. Well sometimes I forget to be honest but most of the time it becomes routine and habit when you fly a lot.

But many readers tell me they save up points for 1 or 2 trips a year. I get that it can be very hard to get time off and when you are not in the routine you forget the small stuff that can help.

So, I have an e-Gift for you all. I have put together a printable PDF you can download by clicking here that has check boxes for you to use when you are getting ready to fly! Also room for you to add in your own at the bottom.

I hope you try this out and maybe it can help you to have a smoother Delta travel experience! – Rene


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Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
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Thank you for ALWAYS starting here!



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