Will Delta order the CRJ-1000 and replace what aircraft with it?

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The CRJ series aircraft have become real workhorse ships for the regional industry. Bombardier has been growing and building bigger and bigger planes. The 1000 nextgen is a nice aircraft!

Will Delta use this plane? Bombardier’s CRJ program chief Jean-Guy Blondin seems to indicate in THIS VIDEO that he has already started talking to DELTA. It looks very very nice to me. Richard Anderson has said his focus for now has been to upgrade the inside of the current jets, and for more frequency of flights. But this is mainline not regional. Also, this ship would be enough and have the legs to start to replace some DC/MD series mainline jets like the 50 and 88! I find the below add from Bambardier very telling.

Air France already has the CRJ-1000 in service and you can look at the 104 seat arrangement at SeatGuru here.

The plane has some kool stats. It can have up to 150 seats, but that would be a very cramped environment. At around 100 seats it looks good. The 16″x10″ bag size is above the 14″x9″ “Size Check” requirement so there should be much less need for plane side checking of bags!

We will see but I could see this puppy becoming a big seller and mix in to the main line fleet over the years to come. – René


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  1. IF delta orders this this would be a good replacement for some of the markets the crj 900 and 800 is already on but need more seats but cannot afford the # of seats tha ta B737/A320 offers. Markets like the LAX-LAS or the MCI-LAS, MCI-SLC, MCI-MSP, It could even be used to add frequencies on other high frequency routes. As far as a replacement option? Other than replacing other regional jets, DL doesn’t have much here to offer, it could replace the A319/B737-700 (currently holds 126) all the old MD aircrafts hold 140+ so this is not an option. DL has been great about keeping a 2 class config on ALL their regional flights (ok almost all) so I would imagine they would do the same with this aircraft w between 9-12 First class seats and 70+ econ seats. So again, not much of a replacement jet unless they are trying to up their market share on some regional flights

  2. CRJ900NG is such a [EDIT:BAD] airplane, I am so glad Estonian Air gets rid of this air-bridge non-compatible [EDIT: BAD AIRPLANE]!

  3. If I was Delta, I’d be looking at the CSeries as a next possible step. The CRJ-1000 doesn’t look suited to mission (IMHO).

    Regional Jets have made a bad name for themselves (both in terms of cost to run them for the airline, and the customer experience which varies between bad and awful – Yes I am thinking of the CRJ-200), and it strikes me Delta needs something “Mainline strenght”.

    Some have seen the E-195 as this beacon. Others see the CRJ-900 or the SuperJet 100-95. CSeries could be the ideal match for older MD Operators…

    (Saying that, American recently said “stuff that, we’ll have some 737MAX’s).

    Difficult choices…

  4. @ Kevincm – all very good points. The only thing is parts. At this point, with so many CRJ’s in service, having more birds with the same bits and pieces cuts down on cost. It will be fun to see. BTW I too hate the 100/200’s but they are still 100 times better than the old SAAB props or ATR-72’s any day for me – Rene

  5. I’ve flown from ATL to ROC on a Delta Connection CRJ-700/900 (forget which). The flight was operated by Pinnacle.

    They made EVERYONE valet check their cabin baggage, just like if it were a CRJ-200. You can imagine what a mess it was in the jet bridge when we all had to wait for all that baggage to be brought up!

    If DL uses the CRJ-1000 they HAVE to change this policy…

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