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I thought I would toss in another news roundup today. Also after that I have a few links that I find very useful and you may as well.

It has been 6 months now since the “glorious” 72 hr Skymiles no cancel rule came into effect and this piece on money made by the airlines for empty seats got my full attention! ( ps I am not encouraging you to listen to the video of Nader btw )

Next time a GA or a FA refuses to budge on a fee of some kind, keep in mind the more Delta can make, the more they can make in profit sharing maybe in the thousands of dollars!

OK I know this is as silly as every other flying car dream ever done but it is still fun to think about having one and doing this. When I first started college I took flight classes at Bowman Field and still miss time in the cockpit! Have you ever flown an aircraft btw?

I know Delta does not fly the A380 but AF does. I personally have no interest to get on the bird no matter how great the seats are. And I love the last line in this piece.


Now some helpful links for you to look at that you may not have seen in my LINKS part of the blog.

When you speak to phone reps, do you use the “right” words? I try to.

Want to know how many Skymiles you will earn. I love this little tool.

Gosh we use a lot of short names for things like SM, GM, PM, SWU etc. Here is what they mean.

Don’t forget you can get direct each day at 9:AM EST to your e-mail here.

And with that, how about this for today, I will pick at random a CONFIRMED e-mail from the subscription list and send you a set of the Delta Amenity / Drink coupons. So, if you have already signed up, you are all set. If not, feel free to join for a chance at the coupons! – René


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  1. Thanks, Rene, for the reminder about the ICAO Alphabet. I dated a pilot in college and he tried to teach it to me! I think it’s a great idea to use it with airline employees. It makes one sound so knowledgeable and might just help in getting what you’re asking for!

  2. Thanks for the photo reference to Bowman Field here in Louisville, KY. It’s opened about 1921 and it’s less than 10 minutes from home.

  3. Thanks for the good info. But kind of an unfair assessment of why the the GA or FA refuses to budge on a fee. Unless there is an extenuating circumstance, I would say they are expected to follow their company policy. They are probably more concerned about keeping their jobs than profit sharing when dealing with someone asking for a fee to be waived. What fees do you ask to be waived? Just curious.

  4. @Denise – thanks for your comment. what I’m talking about for example are bag fees economy comfort fees or any other fees that could possibly be waived by a GA but they choose not to both for the point you brought out but also for the fact that every dollar they make will be more in their own pocket.

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