No more Delta Skymiles marketplace unless: DM, PM, GM or Delta AMEX card!

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There seems to be a new “enhancement” to the Delta Air Lines web site. I have talked before about the reasonable value of redeeming Delta skymiles for car rentals as long as you avoid BUDGET car rental and their rules. But, as of tonight, it would seem, unless you are GM or higher, OR have a Delta AMEX card, you can not spend your miles this way!

Now there is NO reason you should not be able to ALWAYS have a FREE Delta AMEX card if you churn back and forth with the personal and biz card each year. So this should be a NON-issue for readers but at least you all now know of the change or new enhancement to the rules! – René

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  1. Mileage bonus bonus programs are fast becomnig a joke for anyone who flies less than at last 500k per year. Truth: The multiple levels and set points for ‘special’ treatment have become far too complicated for them to manage. They want OUT of the game, save their top 1-2% of flyers. They wll get you out within a couple of years and then shut-down all but the invitation-only programs. Bank on it. Have miles or points: Burn them while you can.

  2. That’s fine for many, but it now would prevent you from redeeming miles from your child’s account for a hotel stay for the family, for instance.

  3. @mhenner – is there an age limit for a AMEX card? My dad got one for me when I was 6 ( granted this was the 70’s ) and by 18 (he did not let me have the card naturally) I had great credit! – Rene

  4. @ deltagoldflyer – My guess is that one could get an extra Amex card for a child, from your own Amex account, but the primary card would not be in child’s own name, so redemption would not be possible.
    And after one year, there would be a fee, unless you cancelled and let it sit for a year.

    More to the point, the new policy limits the former option of my sister, who has a few points and no longer travels because of her age, from redeeming for a hotel or car rental as a gift for me.

  5. Thanks for the drink coupons. Love your posts because I’m a loyal Delta customer. The information can be very helpful. Thanks Jim

  6. Delta is making it harder on everyone, I’ve got 4 Amex cards and lots of miles but they keep setting limits that cost so many miles its not worth it anymore. I’ll use my Amex SPG card more, better value with the points.

  7. Rene, there is a reason for not being able to have a Delta Amex card (whether free or not). And thus I am no longer able to check two bags for free on domestig flights as a SM anymore. Why? Because I’m German.
    Luckily, I am not interested in using the SkyMiles Marketplace so it does not really affect me.

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