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Be sure to pick choice benefits before end of February 2012!

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A good reminder was posted today on MilePoint by MSPeconomist who says:

“Don’t forget. Your chance to pick choice benefits from miles you earned in 2010 (or rolled over to 2010) will expire at the end of this month. Gifted elite status from the 2010 MQMs will expire very soon, so do not pick that option. SWUs and the DL ecert will have expiration dates one year after their selection.

You have another year to make your choice benefit selections for the choices earned during 2011, although for the gifted status, the sooner the better in most cases. For the SWU and DL ecert options, remember that later selections mean later expiration dates, so strategize carefully.

Also, if you have both DM and PM choices, be sure to compare carefully: The DL or Tiffany gift cards (really a DL ecert or a Tiffany card mailed to USA addresses) are for $200 whether PM or DM, while the number of SWUs or bonus miles are different for PM versus DM levels. Note that the two DM choices must be different and must be selected at the same time.”

This is great advice, thanks for allowing me to cut-n-paste from your post at Milepoint MSPeconomist . Now I personally have already picked 20k for both my wife and I for our bonus as I feel for me it was the best choice.

Also keep in mind you no longer get one in the year you earn say PM and one in the year you fly as PM ( thus my wife earned it last year but only got one choice, nothing more, for the rest of this year unless she re-earns it again – clear?)



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  1. Are the SWU really a benefit? Each time I try to use them the price for ticket code is so high – on my last trip to Asia it was less expensive to buy a discounted business class than trying to use a SWU.

  2. Did that used to be the case, one in earned year and one in fly year?

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