A reminder for new DeltaPoints readers how to get a FREE trip to Europe

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I wanted to highlight what many new DeltaPoints readers may have missed. If you have been a long time reader of the blog, thanks for poppin’ by, but this will be old news for you so have a great evening and see you in the morning!

What I am talking about is how with just a 2 card Delta churn, you can, with $1000 in spend (2x – $500), have enough points for a low level coach ticket to Europe. You simply apply for and hopefully with a good credit score you receive approvals for both the personal and business Delta GOLD American Express cards (you do not have to have a business to get the business card btw).

Once you spend $500 on each card you will be awarded the 30,000 bonus miles offered. 60,000 points is enough for a free trip (+tax) over the “pond”. If a husband and wife were to both do the card combo, then you are both flying free!

Have any questions? Feel free to e-mail me or you can  peak at the Essentials tab at the top of the page for more information. – Rene


DeltaSkyMiles® Credit Card American Express


Delta SkyMiles® GOLD Business Credit Card
American Express – 30,000 points


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  1. Lots of people say you don’t need a business to get a business card, but is that really the case?

    I know over on FlyerTalk people always write how they have to call Chase and answer questions about their business and so on in order to get approved.

    Let’s say you’re a low-income grad student like me. The personal cards are no problem, but there’s no way it looks like I have a business for the business cards.

  2. @ Michael – if you sell on ebay, anything, you have a personal small biz an you just use your own SS#. Done deal! Just be straight on the income and such and that you want it separate from personal spend! or what ever your case is.

  3. For clarification…should the business card churns be part of one’s personal card churns or should they be treated as a separate event?

  4. @Gussomer – it depends is the answer and it is a personal one. Keep in mind you can only get the new card bonus every 24 months. So in case 1, if you always want to have a DL AMEX, you do just one of the cards, then next year, the other. But, in case 2, you want the points ASAP to take a trip, then do both at once and then get the total 60k all at once.

    Now if you do case 2, and want to keep a DL card, you will have to pay at least one yearly fee whereas with case 1 you could skip the yearly fee in principle forever. So it depends on the goal.

  5. Thanks for this! I’m looking for a good rewards strategy to get to Europe but the fees are always the deal breaker! What are the fees like on Delta?

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