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Yesterday was a good and bad day for the deltagoldflyer.  My AwardWallet account all of sudden showed an extra 30,000 Delta points and 10,000 MQM’s. Sounds great right? It was great to see the 10,000 point rebate (not 15k but my math was a little off)  posting from my January golf trip with my “buds” that I got for 75,000 points all-in now cost me just 21667 points per ticket. Not bad for flying to Florida in high season out of SBN airport. But the next one I was not expecting. I made an error. I do my best to keep track of all the cards I churn in my head. But I churn a lot of cards each year:

And, now the mistake. I was planning on going for a personal Reserve card since it has been over 24 months since I had that bonus to go with my Business Delta AMEX Reserve I currently hold. This will get me 10k MQM and with spend another 30k MQM. Since I had the personal Platinum Delta last year, there is risk of not getting the MQM bonus. Yes I can try for the card and get zero bonus and just do the spend for MQM’s. But I do not like that math. The plus side is I only need 35k MQM to get there with 30K+10K from AMEX cards. I have earned about 5k MQM so far flying this year and have at least another 5k booked. So GOLD Medallion will happen but it will take some long crazy mileage runs for the extra 25k to make Platinum. Maybe I will just be happy as a deltagoldflyer for 2013!

You may be reading today’s post and thinking, how did you get the rebate in miles for your golf trip? I was targeted for this via e-mail from Delta. This is one of the important reasons, in addition to many others, for you to keep all your information up to date at including your e-mail settings so they CAN spam you with offers including the one I enjoyed. You update your information this way.

Step ONE

Step TWO

And there you are. Also, while you are at this part of why not take the time also to click on the tab that says – “Certificates and eCredits” and see what you have there.

You may have some expiring coupons you need to use or you did not even know you had!  Travel safe everyone – René

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Thank you for ALWAYS starting here!



  1. Thanks for the reminder! I found a companion cert on my wife’s account that we had forgotten about. Hmmm, now where to go…

  2. So am I correct about understanding there aren’t a lot of ways to get Delta MQMs: flying, purchasing on a rare promotion, skymiles/reserve amex. Am I missing any other ways to get mqms?

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