Are you an “understanding” Delta traveler?

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Last week SFO airport was in turmoil over a TSA scan of a potential bomb. Was it a bomb? No, it was an oxygen tank for an elderly lady. Before your head starts spinning and thinking all the things I did, like – “what, didn’t she pack it? She didn’t know what was in her own bag?” etc etc etc! Why do I say this? All of a sudden I had a flashback.

Before I tell you what happened, let me say that “understanding” is very much a perspective thing. While I get those who feel first class is for those over 18 and the kiddo ghetto in coach is for those who buy a cheap ticket, I also get those who say if I pay or burn my points, the kid has the same right to be up in the nose of the plane. I also admire and respect Rick the Frugal Travel Guy’s post saying he is changing his “feel” on kids in first now that he is a grandpa. Thus, yes, understanding is much a result of your personal circumstances and I get that and am fine with that so no flaming of the deltagoldflyer OK!

Now the story and, at last, the point of today’s post. My mom is over 80. My cousin will be flying with her GOT-DTW to come see me all in BIZ class on Delta for 200k for two tickets plus a ridiculous amount of tax since they are starting over there ( again American understanding not Euro understanding here ). The last time I flew with my mom starting in Sweden was 3 days after they arrested all the people in London with the liquid bomb scare so you could not bring an OUNCE of any liquid. Not even chap-stick!

Now we went GOT-CDG on the way to SBN. This was also after the collapse of the international terminal in CDG so it was still a mess. I will not bore you with the inadequate handicapped service for my mom but the result was a RUSH after 1+ hr in a shuttle with a broken ramp (I did get 20k Skymiles for this mess).So we finally get to the last security check point, just before boarding a 747, and being literally pulled through by the staff due to the long delay, and they start to search my mom’s bag. What did they find? A few sample tester bottles of perfume, a half eaten chocolate bar, about 200 vitamins that looked like drugs, and last but not least, a tin of sardines wrapped up in a plastic bag.

When confronted by the quizzical look from the security officer she turned to me and said, “I thought I would try and sneak them!” with a little giggle. AGAGAHHHGHGH!!! All this after telling her repeatedly NO liquids at all! I was ready to die. The very “French” look by security made me think we are not going to fly today and may end up even worse off. But it worked out and they tossed the lot and we sat down and they closed the door and pushed immediately!

So thanks for reading this personally most embarrassing story and let’s all try to be more understanding when we fly! – Rene

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  1. Reminds me of my grandmother trying to sneak a roll (that she paid for) into her purse to eat later. Very adorable for a 95-year-old woman.

  2. A … friend of mine once tried to carry on a case of clay poker chips. Needless to say he caused quite a stir at security.

  3. “A few sample tester bottles of perfume, a half eaten chocolate bar, about 200 vitamins that looked like drugs, a tin of sardines wrapped up in a plastic bag.”

    Didn’t I see this on an episode of MacGyver once?

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