There’s NEVER enough time – could I lose an hour forever?

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So today we lose an hour with the promise of its return to us in the fall. We’re 2 weeks ahead of Europe on our present DST schedule, and our DST ends a week after theirs now. Down under they will be ending their DST in April and resuming it again in October. Elsewhere around the world DST is not observed at all. Some places, like China, used to, but no longer observe DST. Also interesting point on China, they have just one time zone for the whole country! You can look at the world time zones here !

Now think about this. What if I left my house yesterday, prior to beginning DST, and went to Australia thereby entering a DST active region and then I stayed until after DST ended there, I’d get an hour back right? Next I go from Australia to Europe, entering a DST active region once again. Then I go home again where I have to reset all my clocks, did I just lose an hour twice to never get it back?! And what if I fly back and forth over the International Date Line properly, could I lose a whole day? Maybe I have come across the secret to stop aging, that is to skip one day a year and you never get any older! Sounds good in my head. And think of all the MQM’s and points I could rack up. Humm…..

I don’t really think the airlines have the answer to time-travel, but it’s fun to wonder about the possibility of losing an hour you may never get back! Ah the things that rattle around in my head some days….. René

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  1. Forget an hour. I wish I could have the past minute back after reading that post. 😉

  2. Here in Japan we also don’t do the time change. It’s nice until you get to June and the sun rises at 4:30 in the morning.

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