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There has been lots of news lately about smart phone app’s copying your photos, tracking your internet usage, and otherwise spying on you for the sole purpose of marketing the data they collect to those who will pay for it. Obviously there are privacy issues here that will need to be resolved, but when you think about it this practice has been around for a long time it just looked different then.

Years ago you could walk into your local bank and if you sat down to talk to the manager, who you knew by name, about a loan, he already knew you were going to ask about a mortgage because he also knew:

“You and your wife were expecting your first child and would obviously need to move out of the tiny apartment you were renting down on 3rd Street.”

Also,  your wife likely had a standing weekly order at the butcher’s counter at the local grocery store and her hairdresser at the beauty parlor always reserved 2 hours on Wednesday afternoons for her.

But fast forward to today when your barrista at Starbucks knows when she sees you that you’re going to order a venti caramel double mocha macchiato and not too much foam, please. It’s all the same thing, it just has a new tech edge today when you stop to think about it all.

So what made me think of this. Well I told you, you WANT to be spammed by DELTA so you do not miss out on any targeted offers that can come along. The other day my wife received this email from Delta and it’s a perfect example of what we’re talking about here. It’s been a while since we’ve booked anything through Delta.com with her skymiles account and so now Delta wants to know why.

No points or promo’s or other deals came in this e-Mail but as a Platinum Medallion I know my wife is on the radar. It will be fun to see what the next offer is. I would love to see another 25% rebate for booking points tickets like last year!

As long as people have had products or services to sell, there has been interest in what people will buy. Getting compensated for revealing what we, the consumer, prefer is where the power comes into play. You can actively participate in surveys in exchange for points, or you can show your power by passing up lesser offers and waiting for an offer that provides what you want.

As a tech geek I get that there is no real privacy anymore. And I must say it even messed with my head a little bit to see a targeted DELTA add, for me, with my home town airport in Sweden, pop up on my blog!

Sure you MUST be safe and pick just what you post in cyberspace. But since much data is out there, why not get some points for sharing it! – René

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