What are your “go to” sites for Delta travel and more?

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There are so many things we just “do” after a while. For example, if I want to pick a seat for a flight, I never ever use the Delta seat maps, even though they are all listed on Delta.com HERE, I immediately go to SeatGuru HERE and look at what is best.

So what are some of my favorites that you may like too and would be good to save? Here is my list:

MQM’s. I must know how many I am getting as well as RDM’s. This site CWSI.net HERE does that EZ. Also it has my other favorite that look at upgrade chances etc HERE and fare chart HERE.

When on the go or wanting flight info Flightaware HERE is just tops in my book. I do like to log in to the free GoGo tracking when on a Delta flight as it is free.

Another great one from the people behind BoardingArea is Webflyer HERE. So much information you need as a frequent or even for you as a not so frequent traveler!

Thanks to the many bugs currently with Delta.com and just because it is such a good site. The ITAsoftware search site HERE for finding tickets is just so good!

Naturally I love my AwardWallet HERE and many readers love Tripit HERE.

And several times a week I check my credit score HERE and HERE both free!

So there are just a few I find very useful as a Delta flyer. I want your help to build my “LINKS” list at the top of the blog I want to help out your fellow Delta Points readers. So how about this, comment what your favorite or most useful site / link is for a chance to win this TSA approved luggage lock! – René

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  1. I get most of my news from blogs so I’m not sure how much you’ll want to link to them, but mainly I read View From the Wing, One Mile at a Time, TPG, and Million Mile Secrets…and of course Delta Points!

  2. @Danny – I like all those guys ( where is the love for the Frugal Travel Guy? ) and your comment counts in the drawing but I also want more “other” sites that have a specific “thing” we like. Txs! – Rene

  3. I LOVE using hipmunk to search flights & flight times… you can specify delta or skyteam, but can also visually see all possible flights for your schedule. I’m a fan. And also it takes you directly to the delta site for booking.

  4. You mentioned seatguru (and, I do use them) but I also check http://seatexpert.com/. Sometimes, they give a bit more info. Sometimes they do not. Thus, the need to check both.

    Already bookmarked CWSI … thanks!

  5. You put together a great list and I’ve bookmarked many of these after learning of them on your blog. I don’t have anything novel to introduce so I’ll just mention the 3 sites I check the most – Boarding Area bloggers, TPG and FTG.

  6. I regularly use TimeAndDate.com to determine sunrise and sunset times for my travel destinations and also get up to the minute local weather. The website also has great apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.


  7. Hasn’t been mentioned yet, but is fairly obvious – I use TripAdvisor (www.tripadvisor.com) a ton for planning trips. I have yet to be let down by any of their recommendations for anything ranging from restaurants to hotels to tour guides, etc.

  8. I use betterbidding.com before making hotel purchases on Hotwire or Priceline. It really helps figure out which hotels may be in the running.

  9. @All – I love this. So many good ideas to add to the LINKS list of things are ARE good to use and check. So many thanks and keep it up I will give the lock away late tonight! – Rene

  10. Not a site per say, but I always use the FlightTrack app while traveling. Notifies me of delays, gate changes and all that good stuff. And it syncs up with Tripit.

  11. @DP (this is my second comment so if this comes up for the prize you should probably draw again)

    In terms of non-blog sites I’m a big fan of hipmunk.com, which is like using the ITA matrix except with a user-friendly interface.

    I like FTG too though I think I found his site most useful in my early days in the hobby when the extra focus on thinks for newbies was valuable. FTG is actually the first points/miles blog I ever read and now I’m subscribed to so many that my friends and family are probably worried about me.

  12. By and large I have always had good success with Trip Advisor for picking hotel stays.

  13. Man, this is great stuff. When I travel, I look at Groupon and Living Social for activities and dining options. I also look at Ebay for tickets to theme parks, Delta drink vouchers, and Delta Sky Club passes. Currently use Google Maps to plan daily itineraries and its not bad, but would like to find a better alternative.

  14. @gussomer – be very careful with Ebay. Keep in mind Delta can cancel your account and void your miles if they want when it comes to Ebay and buying and selling things. Giving things away is fine or for charity is fine but to sell is not! – Rene

  15. Seatguru isn’t always accurate. Don’t give away too much as people will gobble up all the good fares and leave none for us. 😉

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