GET 20% OFF A DELTA SKY CLUB® 30-DAY MEMBERSHIP until the end of April

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Normally a SkyClub pass will cost you $50. Now if you have the Delta Platinum card it is just $25 for a one time use. Or, if you have the Delta AMEX Reserve card you can get in free but are technically not a member.

If you plan to fly a bunch for 30 days you can get a 30 day membership pass. It will run you $90. But for now you can use code FB30D to get 20% off and spend just $72!   HERE  is the link to get the deal.

Also as a funny side point, I often get e-Mails and comments when I slip and call the Sky Clubs by the old name Crown Rooms, but look at what the URL is for signing up for Sky Club membership! 😉

Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
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