Delta Fare class LIMBO everyone let’s go low! E-Class and more…

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You gotta love Spirit Airlines & Ryan Air. The former had “fares” for as low as $9 before the new real full price advertising rules ( that I love btw ) and the later thinking of offering toilets for a fee to now plans to remove all but one commode!

So E-Class is the “low” for Delta on the fare chart: For now, cattle class passengers you pay very little until you need to fly and then get the chance to get out your credit card to pay for everything else or every add-on possible once the ticket is past the 24 hr government mandated cancel time period. Assigned seats, boarding priority, food, even air – all are extra ( OK you still get free stale air on all airlines for now ). For now medallions still earn full MQM’s etc. and get most of the standard perks but who really thinks this this will last much longer!

Now I don’t envy our or other airlines work to make money. You have multiple governments all telling you what you can and cannot do. You rarely turn a profit and a tick up in the gas price can mean your year goes from income to loss. Every step you take to make money is pushed back by regulators or another airline that, due to market conditions, can fly cheaper than you and undercuts your price below your profit margin. Many readers know I run my own tech firm. I would not stand for any of this and get up and go to work each day.

So, get to the point already. Why this info / rant? Here it is. I do like my airline ( and even love some days ). I want Delta to be a big strong airline. I am also greedy and a DYKWIA type person on the inside and try not to act that way or ever show it. I have struggled with the idea of not having status one day and just having the DELTA AMEX card but have come to the realization that if you are going to fly Delta you NEED status. Even Silver status gets you past much of what is and is coming. Now don’t flame me that Silver is worthless. It is not for the sake of this topic. Yes, you now need a Delta AMEX + Silver to get much of what Silver gave you before, but such is life! I pay each year $450 as I like my AMEX Reserve card and value what it gives me and Delta sees the value of what AMEX gives to Delta.

Now you have my official stand until things change in T&C’s with Delta. Get status. Any status. One way is  getting AMEX Reserves business vs. personal as this way you get 10k each year and only have to fly 15k to get your Silver. If you don’t fly 15k MQM a year this post is not for you. If you do, you see the logic of what I am talking about.

Mileage run anyone? I will fly with you if you find a deal. E-mail me and let’s fill some birds with Delta Points readers some day on the way to who cares where and back! Boy would a Delta MEGADO or even MINIDO be fun this year. Perhaps with a DELTA 757 from ATL to say Boeing with tours at ATL and then at Boeing + maybe some bonus  MQM’s! Would anyone be game for this? I would love it but doubt Delta is in the mood right now. Who knows  – Rene

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  1. Delta Megado or Minido and I am there. As for mileage runs, no doubt you’ve checked out your fellow blogger “Wandering Aramean” Delta SWUable fares priced less than $1500. After clicking the column CPM, it seems that the best fares in business are to Mumbai or Delhi. Curry anyone?

  2. Rene – I want to send you an email, but I can’t find a link anywhere on your blog site.

  3. I just got the Delta Gold Amex card a few months ago (along with 5 other cards), but wanted to ask – How long do I need to wait before I apply for a platinum or reserve card? Not that I can apply anytime soon, but just want to know for my next churn. Also, aiming to get status with Delta this year for the first time, so I’m focusing all of my travel on Delta. Here’s to hoping that having the gold card makes life *a little* easier until then!!

  4. You must wait 24 months between AMEX cards ANY of them but you can go for the business card right now if it has been never or 24 months for that one. – Rene

  5. Agree that status is essential, but if one needs to do a mileage run to get silver, then they don’t fly enough to need status.

  6. Already on my way for LAX-FCO-IST and back over 3 days. I have 8 hours in Rome and 6 hours, at night, IST. Taking Alitalia…….

  7. I would be interested in an MR, but MSP can be tough. I am always keeping my eye on it though.

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